The Google Play Store is bubbling and oozing with apps. Apps for games, productivity, videos, music, and all you can think of can be found on the Google Play Store. As we speak, hundreds of new apps appear in Google’s toy box, waiting to be used on your Android device. Thanks to the continuous support of app developers, we can enjoy a lot of apps on our Android handsets.

To make your search easier, we scouted the vast ocean of apps and manually picked the hottest new apps from the Google Play Store. In this post, we focus the spotlights on the new Android apps freshly released this week, with the hope that you will find them as interesting and/or useful as much as we do.

Enter Google’s playground and enjoy these new apps for the week.


Do you like reading manga comics? How do you like making your own comics by taking pictures of your surroundings and instantly turning them into manga? With SODA, Inc.’s MANGA FU CAMERA you can instantly turn your surroundings into manga. Just point and shoot at your friends, toys, and anything around and watch as the app instantly turns it into manga. When you have compiled enough photos, you can use those to make your own manga comics. Get the ads-supported MANGA FU CAMERA for free from the Google Play Store.

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

Do you sleep like a log and have a hard time waking up every morning? You should probably use the Wake N Shake Alarm Clock by Andres Canella to wake you up. This is just like your ordinary alarm clock, but instead of pressing the Stop button to kill the alarm, you will need to shake your phone until the bar gauge fills up in order to stop the alarm. For more challenge, you can set the shaking intensity and shake your phone like there’s no tomorrow. Wake up and do your daily phone shaking exercise with Wake N Shake Alarm Clock for a dollar from the Google Play Store.

Long Exposure Camera

Using A&A’s Dream’s Long Exposure Camera, you can take gorgeous long exposure shots with your Android device. Tap to focus on your object, set the desired number of seconds, and hit the Shutter button. Once time is up, you can apply some color, brightness, and contrast tweaks before you finally hit Save. The app’s free version allows you to save only 400×300 images, but the paid version allows you 960×720 images. Start taking long exposure shots with Long Exposure Camera. For best results, don’t forget to mount your Android device on a tripod.

Deadlines Reminder

With how hectic our lives can get, the best reminder apps are the simplest ones. Deadlines Reminder, developed by Tatkov Lab, is as simple as it can get. Tap the + button to add a task, set the date it’s due, and watch as your tasks, from most urgent to least urgent are color-coded for you: red for urgent tasks needing completion in 3 days, orange for 7 days, and green for non-urgent. You can set the app to remind you of your tasks once or twice a day. Deadlines Reminder runs as a background service and relaunches with every device reboot. Never forget those deadlines. Download Deadlines Reminder for free from the Google Play Store.

TonePush Beta

Let your friends know that it’s you calling them by assigning yourself a ringtone on their devices. Sounds impossible? Not for Richard Green and his TonePush Beta app. It sends your friend the ringtone of your choice, so you can best represent yourself on her or his device. You can choose default ringtones in the app or one that you recorded. That’ll definitely alert your friend that you’re ringing her/him up. To share personalized ringtones this way, the other device also needs TonePush. Download TonePush Beta now for free from the Google Play Store.


Thinking of shopping this weekend while remaining within budget? Developed by PriceRhythm, the DealPly app can help you with budget shopping. You can search for products you through the app. If you are already in the store and need to get more details about an item, scan its barcode through DealPly and the app will provide you with the product details. You’ll also have access to a forum where you can discuss products you shopped for, plus a Deal & Coupons feature that lets you find great deals and discount sales. You can even keep a wishlist. In my testing, though, I noticed that the app sometimes takes a bit of time to launch; I often needed to relaunch it. Once it’s running, the app goes smoothly. Try DealPly today — free from the Google Play Store.

Battery Saver PRO

If you frequently travel without bringing your wall charger, Battery Saver PRO can be your lifesaver. It does only one thing — save battery. It is light and easy to use — as easy as flicking a light switch — no complicated settings and options. Just tap the button and leave the app to work on its own. The app also shows you your battery statistics and battery usage. It promises to lessen battery consumption by about 20 to 35 percent, and, although we haven’t exhaustively tested its claims, it seems to deliver on its promise. Try Battery Saver PRO free and see whether it gets the job done for you.

What do you think of the hot new Android apps that we listed for you this weekend? Among the apps listed above, what app is possibly the most useful for you? What’s on your own list of new apps to try this week? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment and voting in the poll. Watch for ext week’s list of new Android apps.

(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez and Dan Evans; banner image uses Shutterstock photo by jorik)

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