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7 sizzling new Android apps of the week (January 4 issue)

January 4, 2013

It’s a new year and what better way to celebrate it than by equipping yourself with new apps? There’s no rest for the wicked here at Android Authority and even with the holiday hubbub, we kept our eyes peeled for the newest Android apps to share to you.

If you’re still not over the holiday celebrations, we’ve got apps to keep the holiday season alive on your smartphone. Gearing to take on the new year already? A currency converter might be your new best friend and you can browse for items for your favorite furry companions. But, if things are business as usual, you can sit back and draw a bit, get creative by merging photos, or even unwind with your Reddit subscriptions and or with calming, sleep-inducing sounds.

Start the year right with these 7 sizzling new Android apps, fresh from the Google Play Store.

Celebrate the New Year with Wasabi’s Shake! Fireworks LWP on your Android devices’ screen. This live wallpaper imitates the clear night sky with colorful firework effects when you shake your device. The live wallpaper also lets you change the background color, choose from a variety of firework effects, enable sounds, and turn on vibrations. The Shake! Fireworks LWP can be downloaded for free but comes with ads, which appear only on the menu but not on the live wallpaper itself on your homescreen.

Do you want to bring out the creative side of you? Create sketches and instantly turn them into stunning animations with Razorfish LLC’s DRAWNETIC – KINETIC DRAWING app. This app allows you to create sketches with various animations that make your sketches move around. Just like in other art apps, you can change the brush size, change the background color, change color combinations, and use a variety of brush effects. You can also view other users’ creations stored in the cloud. This app is perfect for wider-screen devices or with the use of a stylus. What’s best is that you can try this app out without spending a single dollar.


The Reddit Flow (Pre Alpha) app by Deepak Manoharan strives to make it easy for users to access Reddit on their phones. The app’s interface is neat and tidy, allowing people to see what people are talking about, how many points an article has earned, and how many comments it has. You can choose to browse Reddit without an account to see what’s popular, check out certain categories, or you can log in using your account. What makes Reddit Flow even better is that it shows articles in large font and prevents you from squinting at your mobile device’s screen just to read the words.

betaapps’ Unify: Unit Currency Converter is your all-in-one tool to convert anything. Need help in figuring out how many hectares is equivalent to one square mile? Maybe you want to see how much your local currency is worth in that country you’re planning to go to? Unify: Unit Currency Converter has your back as it lets you easily convert units for area, currency, energy, length, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume, and weight. The app’s interface is clean and intuitive to use and has no ads to hinder your user experience.

Collages are becoming the thing today as more and more apps dedicated to merging photos swarm the Google Play Store. One of those many apps, and a fresh new one at that, is picq – Merge photos by Qooala. People who like taking photos and sharing them to friends will like this photo app. Aside from allowing you to merge photos, you can also edit your photos separately; make the photo brighter or calibrate the color detail with the Photo Correction feature. You can also set a photo slideshow for you to pick out the photos you want to use. Add photo stickers to pretty up your photos more before sharing them to your friends. Try picq – Merge photos from the Google Play Store for free.

Can’t get any sleep? If insomnia had been gnawing you off and leaves you haggard and tired, Sleep Sounds may be able to help you. Rid your system of all the stress and let Sleep Sounds serenade you to sleep. Sleep Sounds houses relaxing songs that you can play to help you sleep. The tracks are divided into three categories — Nature, Relaxing, and Lullabies. You can use this app when you want to take a break from all the work you had. Lie down, relax, and use this app to help you slumber. Play any of the music in this app or you can prepare your own playlist from the songs also found in this app. Help yourself get enough sleep with this free app and worry no more about being all haggard and tired.

If you want the best for your pets and don’t want to go through the hassle of actually geting up on your feet to go out and find great stuff for your litle best friends, Quidsi Mobile LLC’s is one app you can turn to for help. has hundreds of best-selling and hard-to-find pet gear, pet food brands, and toys for your pets. Search and find great stuff for your pets either by typing in what you are looking for or by voice search. Once you’re all done, you can proceed to checkout and have your order delivered. Convenient and easy to use, is one app you should not miss, especially when you own pets.

Start the new year with a blast with these 7 sizzling and new apps from the Google Play Store. Which apps have you tried? Which one is your favorite? Tell us by voting in the polls and leaving a comment below.

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