It’s party night tonight and here in Android Authority we party with the hottest new apps from the Google Play Store. This weekender special is a potpourri of apps designed to make your week fun, relaxing, and most of all, convenient.

This week, we feature apps to help you keep healthy, stay social, and be creative. As they say, nothing beats a healthy man or woman than a healthy and happy Android user. But, don’t let me keep you waiting — here are this week’s picks of 7 new Android apps.

Headset SMS Reader

Whenever I use my Android phone as a music player, I usually leave it inside my pocket. But, when a message arrives, I have to take out my phone to read my messages. Fortunately, I won’t need to do that with azendpowa’s Headset SMS Reader app. This app automatically reads out the contact’s name and text messages. You can also set the app to read messages only when earphones are connected. With this app, I can now leave my phone inside my pocket and listen to incoming messages. You can also add a mini widget on the homescreen to quickly enable/disable the app. The ads-supported Headset SMS Reader app can be downloaded for free. Although the app has ads, ads only appear on the app’s menu and won’t bother you.

Time Tracker

Do you want to track the time of you spend on daily activities such as exercise, sitting in front of the computer, or working? Use the Time Tracker app by Thomas Gallinari and track your time with ease. All you need to do is list all your activities in the app. When you’re about to perform that activity, start the timer. When you’re done, just stop the timer for that activity and store your record in the app. The app also shows your activity history for the day or even for the last 30 days. This app is useful for personal use or in office settings. You can start tracking your time for free with the ad-free Time Tracker app.

Image Editor

I just love taking pictures and thanks to the latest smartphone technology, I can take clear photos that I can easily edit. Speaking of editing, SkySoftware’s Image Editor allows you to edit photos and images on your phone. The app also has a camera feature, allowing you to edit a recently captured photo. With Image Editor, you can add effects, shapes, and layers on your image. You can also resize the image or crop it to the desired dimensions. Image Editor also allows you to draw and use your drawings as your wallpaper. The app takes getting used to and lags a little when you’re drawing. It is also ad-supported but the ads don’t get in your way while you’re editing.

Omegle Chat App

Meet new friends while you’re off your PC with GreatDroidAppz’s Omegle Chat App. This chat application lets you connect anonymously with strangers who have the same interests as you do. The app features a clean and easy interface. You can start chatting with a random stranger by clicking on the Start a Chat button or add your interests to help the app look for a conversation partner with the same interests. You can also authorize the app to access your Facebook likes instead of manually typing in your interests. Not up to talking? You can post a question and watch two strangers discuss their answers. Omegle is certainly a fun way to interact and meet new people on the go.


Staying motivated can be tough when you’re on your own, but thanks to LifeKraze developed by devs of the same name, you can feel motivated just by posting your thoughts and accomplishments. Read through what other members of the LifeKraze community are thinking of or are accomplishing and give them Highfives or reward their efforts using points. You only have 200 points to give every week, so give them to the people who deserve them. Ten points means “good job!” while fifty points means “amazing!” The more you post your accomplishments on LifeKraze, the more chances you’ll get to earn points in return and earn badges.


Your diet can definitely make or break your fitness goals. You might not notice it, but what you’re having each meal might not exactly be healthy. On the other hand, who wants to count calories? We have our own diets anyway, why would we want to adhere to what other people describe as healthy? MealMonkey, developed by ActiveHealth Management, however, doesn’t want to shape you up by having you count calories or follow someone else’s diet. Instead, you’ll be the judge of your own meals. Is that quarter pounder burger and mound of fries healthy to you? Then indicate its level of healthiness on a slider. You can track how healthy your meals are with a chart so you can see for yourself if you’re falling below your meal healthiness goal.

Light Sleep Alarm Clock

A good night’s sleep doesn’t necessarily mean a full eight hours, but it’s actually waking up during a light sleep cycle. There are a number of alarm clock apps on the Google Play Store that measure how well you sleep using your phone’s accelerometer, but that means keeping your phone on your bed and risking knocking it off to the floor. Light Sleep Alarm Clock by vanangelov only needs you to put your phone on your bedstand and uses your phone’s microphone to monitor any sound changes around it. The alarm rings a little before your set time, when it detects that you’re starting to stir, and wakes you up gently. Once you wake, you can see the actual time you spent in bed and the time you spent sleeping. The app will even show you your sleep efficiency. The Light Sleep Alarm Clock is ad-supported but you only see the ads when you set the alarm and when the alarm goes off.

Grab these 7 new apps now while they are still sizzling. What apps have you tried? What app do find most useful? Do you have some fresh Android apps to recommend? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment and vote for your favorite apps in the polls below. Stay tuned for next week’s serving of new apps, only here in Android Authority.

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