We just can’t get enough of Fridays, much like how we can’t get enough of Android apps. While not all of us can shout our hoorays with a complete toss of our paperwork on the table, we can at least check out new apps every end of the week.

If you’ve been waiting for our weekly list of hot apps, you’re just in time. We have combed the vast ocean of apps at the Google Play Store and have some interesting finds for you this week.

Check out our hot 7 for the week and end your week by trying these new apps.

Dolphins Real 3D

Attach pleyasLab’s Dolphins Real 3D live wallpaper to your homescreen and turn your device’s screen into a window into the deep sea. Watch your homescreen come alive with the deep ocean where you can see cute 3D dolphins as they swim by. Head over to the app’s settings menu to adjust the live wallpaper’s auto camera, 3D engine, animation smoothness, and other settings that will make your window to the world of dolphins truly immersive. Get some 3D dolphins onto your phone for less than US$3.00.


Do you want to sync your notes, addresses, and to do lists from the computer to your Android device? Use the PushBullet app and instantly share all those things from your computer to your Android handset with just a single click of a button. To do this, you need the PushBullet app on your Android device. Afterwards, you can then push content from your computer to your device: by opening PushBullet website on your desktop browser, logging in with your Google account, selecting the desired device; typing in the contents you need to push; and click the “Push It!” button. From there, you can easily share notes you found on the Web, create your grocery list on your computer, and even push addresses and view it in Google Maps. What’s best is that you can enjoy all these features for free.

InstaFollow for Instagram

Managing followers on Instagram can be a nightmare, especially when you have too many of them. Tracking your followers by checking your profile page will be feat if you have more than a thousand on your list. Good thing INNOVATTY thought of InstaFollow for Instagram, a great app for tracking whom you’re following and who’s following you for free. Check who your new followers are and get a list of people who’ve stopped following you on the main page of the app. InstaFollow also features InstaFollow users whom you can check out and follow. InstaFollow displays unobtrusive ads. You will, however, need to refresh the app time and again for an update.


Worried about your phone’s storage space? Get 50 gigabytes of storage space for free when you use the official MediaFire Android app. MediaFire gives you a clean and straightforward interface for uploading unused files on your Android smartphone. Don’t have a USB cable? You can access uploaded files on a computer or any device that can access MediaFire online. You can also arrange, move, share and download uploaded files from the app. Use your MediaFire account or create one on MediaFire’s website to get started. Although the app is free to download, storage is only temporary under a Free subscription. To get a more expandable and less limited upload service, you can choose opt in to paid subscription plans.

Good Night’s Sleep Alarm

Get the good night’s sleep that you deserve with Ateam’s Good Night’s Sleep Alarm app. The app doesn’t just aim to wake you up in the morning; it also lulls you to sleep and tracks your sleep. Right before you hit the sack, indicate what time you need to wake up and put the phone next to your pillow. As you sleep, the app uses your phone’s accelerometer to measure your REM and non-REM sleep. If you’re feeling restless and need some soothing music, the Good Night’s Sleep Alarm comes with over 10 music tracks to send you off into dreamland. When the clock is up, the alarm won’t rip you out of pleasant dreams but will rouse you with stress-free alarm tones.

Sleep Ambience

Though some people want their nights to be completely silent, others just can’t stay still without some ambient noise. Sleep Ambience by JAZBOMB lets you put together your own track of ambient sounds. Each track has two components, the background sounds which play constantly and the intermittent sounds that play randomly throughout the track. You can choose from sounds in categories like the forest, the city, meditation, and the house. Put together a track that has the whirring of your fan with dog barks and church bells randomly sprinkled through it and settle down for bed. If you are too lazy to put together a track of your own, however, you can listen to any of Sleep Ambience’s pre-made tracks.


If you’re planning to go on vacation but aren’t sure what to do when you get to your destination, let Triporg organize your trip for you. Developed by the company with the same name, the app lets you choose the city you’re headed to, when you’re arriving, and when you’ll be departing. Triporg will calculate the best route for you and give you a list of places and locations that you must visit on your vacation. Triporg will even let you know how many minutes you’ll be walking, what the place is like, how long you can stay there, and how much money you should bring with you. For best results, register on Triporg and record your preferences so the app can suggest better activities and tourist sites.

The Google Play Store surely doesn’t want to stop spoiling us with new apps. These 7 new Android apps are certainly worth a try. Which apps have you tried? Which app did you like best? Tell us by voting in the polls and leaving a comment below. Also stay tuned for next week’s list of new Android apps only here at Android Authority.

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