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7 sizzling new Android apps of the week (January 11 issue)

January 11, 2013

Another week has come and gone. You might be reading this right now as you wait for the last few hours of the work week to count down, or you might be already relaxing at home.

Regardless of where you are, you’re probably itching for this week’s list of 7 sizzling new Android apps, and who are we to deny you the pleasure? We combed the Google Play Store and found apps to help you unwind.

Play your favorite Nintendo DS games right on your Android device, make some music with Sound-Spheres, and get well-rested with a sleep cycle calculator. Had a weird dream? We have an app that can help you interpret that. If you’re still busy working, make your life easier with a note app, an SMS manager, and a crop tool that will crop images in fun shapes.

Without further ado, sink your teeth into this week’s 7 sizzling new apps, fresh from the Google Play Store.

Android devices are so powerful that they can imitate other game consoles. The DSdroid app by Sean Dev lets you play your favorite Nintendo DS game right on your Android device. Take note that this is only an emulator app. You will have to provide your own game ROM file and use this app to launch the game. This app is somehow alike with the nds4droid app, however, the developer promised to bring updates soon to improve the app’s interface and emulation. The emulator is still new and you might expect some glitches when playing some Nintendo DS games. Try switching to different frame skip options if your game lags. You can download the app for free. But, if you want, you can send a donation of about a dollar to help the developer with this project.

When cropping out pictures, we usually produce square and rectangular images. But, if you use the Shape’d app by iwombit, you can easily crop out pictures in various shapes. The app contains a selection of shapes to crop your pictures. You can use circles, triangles, rectangles, oblongs, and even hexagons. You can also apply two or more separate crop shapes on the picture. The app also lets you apply a background color, save the edited picture on your device, and share your picture. The ads-supported Shape’d app can be do download for free. You need not worry about the ads because they only appear at the bottom of the screen and doesn’t interfere while you crop your pictures.

Binaura’s SphereTones app is a unique way to make music. You start out with a white slate of pure silence, but pressing on a screen lets you select a sound. This sound will be the tone of your Sound-Sphere. To really start the music, drag a small ball from the main sphere to your desired distance and drop it. The ball will perpetually keep dropping, producing a sound upon impact and establishing a rhythm. You can make as many or as few balls as you like. Create more Sound-Spheres to make beautiful music. What’s really cool about SphereTones is that when you zoom out, you can see all your different spheres in motion, painting beautiful geometric patterns on the white background.

Sometimes sleeping more than 9 hours still leaves you feeling tired and groggy when you wake up. As Jonathan Nakhla’s 90night (Sleep Cycle Calc) app explains, it’s because sleeping works in cycles of one and a half hours. If you feel tired when you wake up, it’s likely because you woke up in the middle of one of your cycles. The 90night (Sleep Cycle Calc) will help you calculate when you should wake up based on the time you go to sleep or when you wake up. Choose the hours of sleep you’d like to have and 90night (Sleep Cycle Calc) will set your alarm for you. 90night (Sleep Cycle Calc)’s free version is ad-supported. The pro and ad-free version, 90night Plus, can be purchased for about US$1.00 from the Google Play Store.

It’s fresh new year and fresh new goals are oftentimes what some of us want to have to start our year right. Luckily, PerfectionHolic Apps’ EasyNote Notepad | To Do List can be a great aid, especially to those who want to get rid of being forgetful. If you have a lot of things to accomplish and want to have them with you wherever you go, this convenient app can be of great use. You can choose to have a sticky note widget on your home screen, password-protect your notes, and color-code your notes. You can also backup your notes to your SD card, a surefire way for you not to miss any important things to do. Stay organized and hit each and one of those goals with the help of EasyNote Notepad | To Do List, free from the Google Play Store.

If you receive a lot of text messages daily, whether from work or school, and want to keep some of them easily, Manage SMS by ToXSL Technologies Pvt Ltd can do the job and does it well. The app is easy to use and features four major functions — SMS Statistics, SMS Backup, SMS Restore, and SMS Deletion. You can see daily, weekly, and monthly statistics of the people who messaged you the most. You can make backups of your messages, both sent and received, so if you are going to use another device and want to have those important messages transferred, doing so will be as easy as pie. Batch deletion of messages is also possible, so you won’t need to individually delete messages. Try Manage SMS today start managing your text messages easily.

Ever wondered what your dreams mean or what they may be telling you? Instead of scouring the Internet for answers, why not use an app that has the same function but is more convenient to access and use? Dreams Dictionary (Meanings)!! by Avi Tech is an easy-to-use dream interpretation app housing tons of dream analyses. This free app interprets your dreams through analyzing your dream’s main subject. You can also search for the thing you’ve dreamt of through the app’s search bar. There’s no need for you to look high and low for a dreams dictionary to help you understand what your dream was about. Dreams Dictionary (Meanings)!! is absolutely for free. Get it today.

These 7 apps are just some of the sizzling new apps that you can find in the Google Play Store. There are even more new apps in the Play Store, waiting to be discovered. Which of our sizzling new apps do you like best? Show your support by voting in the polls below. What new apps do you want to recommend? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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