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7 sizzling new Android apps of the week (February 15 issue)

February 15, 2013

Fly Day, Swing Day, Date Night, or Party Time — whatever you call Friday, we call it Sizzling Evening here in Android Authority with all these hot apps ready for you to take home. This week, our sizzling offerings gear up for your creative and adventurous side as we give you a quick review of our hot seven.

Don’t let me keep you folks waiting. Here are our hot picks.

Travel enthusiasts and bloggers will definitely love Trekea Mobile’s LiveTrekker, a live traveling blog that tracks your movement via GPS and outlines your journey on a map. The app lets you add a photo, video, comment, or voice recording to a particular spot you have stayed in. You can also add, save, track, and review the places you’ve visited using the app. The information on LiveTrekker is completely private, but you can opt to share your trip with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. Best of all, this app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.

Even with all the files you can stream and download from the Internet, I still miss my good old telly. What can I say? It’s difficult to outgrow watching TV programs especially when you’re unsure about what to watch. That’s why I was particularly psyched when I found Paragon West’s Phone TV- Free Live Online TV. This app has some local channels available from different countries. The channels are unfortunately limited, but streaming is seamless. The app doesn’t have annoying ad pop-ups, but it will install a search icon, bookmark link, and browser homepage to your phone that you can easily delete. Sadly, some channels won’t play and you can’t set the screen to HD. Some frames are also pixelated, but the display is decent and viewable.

A while back, we couldn’t imagine what relying on a smartphone for everything would be like. Those were the days before multitasking and the ability to switch easily to the most recently used apps. Nowadays, however, long pressing on your Home button or tapping on the dedicated multitasking button can bring up that menu. Unfortunately, that means having to move your thumb away from the screen. Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere by SchizTech doesn’t require you to move your thumb at all. Simply swipe from the left side of your screen to bring up the Swapps! menu. The app is available for free from the Google Play Store.

Though artists have a variety of art programs available for them to use, you just can’t go wrong with the simple ones. Easy Paint by GEM Studios is as easy as it gets. The app is perfect for people who want straightforward tools without complicated effects. Feel like doodling on a picture you took? No problem. Feel like scribbling notes and prettifying them? Easy Paint can let you do that too. You can use your fingertip or your device’s stylus to doodle, sketch, and scribble. If you’re picky about colors, you’ll be happy to know that Easy Paint lets you select colors that you need using the color picker.

Thanks to the evolving nature of the Internet, it’s now easier to find news from our friends via our social networks. However, if you want to find news in a much more organized manner, there’s NewsWhip Media’s NewsWhip. Thanks to this application, you can see what news is hot in several countries, in various topics, and worldwide. NewsWhip makes sure that you can find news that’s relevant to you, and you won’t even need to register or log in to start using it. If you want to let others know what’s happening, NewsWhip also lets you easily share the article via Facebook and Twitter.

With the surge of many many photo editing and photo sharing apps in the Google Play Store, one may get confused as to what app to download and try. And, because one of our many jobs here at Android Authority is to scour for apps that are worth checking out, we recommend you check out Pixel Artist by Volar Development. Pixel Artist lets you edit your photos in another cool way. Play with your photos’ pixels as you turn them into comic-like and sketch-like images. Play with different filters and overlays to make your photos cooler or even play with different combinations. Pixel Artist can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

If you easily get bored and want something interesting to occupy your time, Inq’s MATERIAL (BETA) will get you hooked for sure. MATERIAL is a content discovery service where you’ll get to know news, blogs, and articles tailored to your preferences and interests. You may even discover new content that you may never have come across. MATERIAL can be downloaded for free and with it, you can use either your Facebook or Twitter account to get started with discovering new interesting content.

Let’s end the week with these seven new sizzling hot apps that you can try out this coming weekend and probably keep for life. With the apps we’ve included on this list, you will be able to discover new apps that may help you in one of your many tasks or just keep you entertained on days when the time runs slow. Did you find any app you’re willing to try out? Let us know in the comments, or you can also show some love by voting for your favorite apps in the poll below.

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