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7 sizzling new Android apps of the week (December 7 issue)

December 7, 2012

It’s time, once again, to feast upon the delicious and sizzling new apps from the Google Play Store’s kitchen. App developers surely don’t want to stop teasing us with their newest and hottest apps.

These new apps can decorate your home screen, create your grocery list, browse your tweets, and many more. Without any further ado, here are the new and sizzling apps for the week.

For Christians around the world, Advent is the season for commemorating the waiting and preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ. As you wait, enjoy a free Christmas present everyday with MagicSolver’s Advent 2012: 25 Christmas Apps. This app will give you a free app every day. From December 1 to 25, you will get one free and surprising app daily. This is an early Christmas present for you, your kids, and the family. The app also contains mini games as you open each day’s present. It also plays Christmas tunes in the background, increasing the excitement and anticipation for the Christmas season.

Christmas season is coming, and it’s time to decorate our homes. I have decorated our office with Christmas lights, made an Advent wreath, and set up the Christmas tree. Oh! I almost forgot to include our Android smartphones and tablets. Thankfully, I found’s Christmas Tree 3D app. This live wallpaper places a beautiful Christmas tree on your device’s screen. You can also personalize the live wallpaper. You can choose from a variety of lights, decorations, effects, and tons of cool stuff that you can add in the background. Get this beautiful Christmas tree for about US$2.00 and put on the Christmas decors on your phone early..

With Brianlliant’s Grocery list – Greenlist, you can say goodbye to manually listing things down and jumping from one list app to another. At a glance, Greenlist might look just like your usual grocery and shopping planner. You can add items to your shopping list from Greenlist’s own extensive list of products. Simply check them off once you’ve thrown them into your grocery cart.

If you’re clueless about what to cook for dinner, check out Greenlist’s selection of recipes or add some of your own. You can write down the recipe in the details section and list the ingredients you need. If you’re getting swamped with projects, Greenlist can help you organize your projects and list the things you need to do.

The problem with being a freelancer is that it is very easy to get buried in work. Lancer, developed by Zenfly, helps keep freelancers organized. Make a job, such as for your illustration work, and then add tasks under it. You can set the task’s deadline, its location, your hourly wage, an important phone number, and an important email. When you tap on the task, you can view its location on a map, call the person involved, and even send an email.

Lancer can also keep track of your wages; if you’ve provided your hourly wage, hit Start Task and Lancer will take care of the computations. Once you’re done, make a Job Invoice. Lancer also lets you track your expenses for a certain job and lets you make notes for it as well.

Constant “tweeters” should check out Joaquim Vergès’ Falcon Pro (for Twitter). The app is not just an ordinary Twitter client; on top of all its functions, the app sports buttery animations, an innovative user interface, and faster tweet loading. This app promises the ultimate Twitter experience whether you are a tablet or phone user. Even when you are offline, you will still be able to tap on some tweets and mark them as favorites. You’ll be able to experience all the core features of Twitter plus smooth-scrolling, real-time updates, and expandable notifications. The app is available for about a dollar from the Google Play Store.

When I really need to get some work done and my data connection is not cooperating, it gets me super frustrated. It’s great to know that an app is dedicated to boosting cellular signals and can be handy when you need a decent data connection speed. Signal Booster for Android by Boss Cellular is a simple tool that only requires a simple tap and it will get the job done for you. You’ll be able to improve your phone’s signal with just one simple gesture. Download it from the Google Play Store in exchange for nada.

Christmas is the season of receiving… and giving. So, if you have a lot of godchildren, relatives, and friends to give gifts to but you don’t know where to get unique gifts from, Etsy (from the web store with the same name), will be a great catch for you. Etsy is a community where a lot of unique items are sold, all from sellers around the globe. The app gets you connected to the community and lets you make your order using the same app as well. You won’t need to scour for super unique gifts in different websites; Etsy has it all. Plus, it’s a free app you can readily install to your Android device.

This weeks list was full of helpful apps, especially with Christmas around the corner. If you’re still feeling like a Scrooge, get into the Christmas spirit. Feeling swamped and disorganized? We’ve got apps for that. And, if you’re struggling with terrible data connection, give yourself a signal boost. And, most importantly, keep clear of the chaotic malls and shop for unique gifts online.

Love any of these apps? Did you discover any new and interesting app this week? Let us know by leaving a comment below and voting in the poll.

(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez and Dan Evans; banner image uses Shutterstock photo by jorik)

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