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7 sizzling new Android apps of the week (December 14 issue)

December 14, 2012

Another week is about to end. You know what this means? It’s time once again for our list of sizzling new apps for the week. For this week’s list, we will be talking about new apps that customize your homescreen, create personalized liquor labels, staying fit and healthy, and many more that would keep you busy this weekend. Ready your platters, for we are about to serve some of the newest apps of the week.

If you’ve grown tired of the stock launcher on your Android device, how about trying some third-party launchers such as Action Launcher Pro by Chris Lacy. This launcher is just like any ordinary Android launcher. The only significant change is that it removes the App Drawer and integrates it directly on the homescreen. You can access your apps by swiping to the leftmost homescreen or tapping the button on top. All your apps are easily accessible right from the homescreen. Like most typical Android homescreens, you can still place app shortcuts and widgets on the homescreen. Try the Action Launcher Pro launcher for US$4.17 and instantly access your apps right from your homescreen.

Speaking of third-party launchers, I also found another new launcher with a lot of cool and amazing features. Created by the popular GO Launcher Dev Team, Next Launcher gives you a 3D home interface, lets you enjoy lots of customizable features, and surprises you with more tricks up its sleeves. With this launcher you can view your homescreens and App Drawer in 3D. The launcher also has a lot of surprising tools you can use such as selecting multiple apps by just swiping your fingers and rotating app icons on the homescreen. The launcher has a lengthy list of features that I cannot cover in this mini review. Watch the video below and have a glimpse of this 3D launcher. You can get the Next Launcher for about US$16.00.

With the holidays coming up, I’m sure many of you have started buying gifts and even wrapping them. If you’re the type who wants to give your gifts a personal touch but lack the time for arts and crafts, Photo Bar by Plastec will help you out. Personalize those bottles of wine, champagne, and vodka by snapping a shot of the recipient and sticking it onto the label.

If you can’t snap a shot of the recipient but have a picture of him or her in your gallery, you could use that instead. Connect your phone to your computer, print out the label, and stick it on to the bottle. Photo Bar even includes a back label where you can add a note for the recipient. This Christmas, make those bottles of liquor special using Photo Bar.

The website is one of the best project management sites on the Internet, allowing people to keep track of their tasks, as well as those of their teammates. Unfortunately, people on the go and who work from their mobile devices can’t enjoy Asana’s functionality on their phones. Andrzej Pronobis, a fellow user and fan of Asana, has created the MyAsana (Beta) – Asana Client for Android devices. Log in using your Asana credentials and sync the app to be able to view your tasks. You can edit them to specify an assignee, to specify a due date, to add a task to a project, or to add tags. MyAsana (Beta) – Asana Client is free to download from the Google Play Store.

When Instagram hit Android, people got busy taking photos, applying filters, and sharing them to numerous social networking sites. And now, another photo app will follow in Instagram’s footsteps. Developed by Nik Software, Inc., a free app dubbed Snapseed makes its way to Android devices, bringing in high-quality photo editing right at your fingertips. Although the app doesn’t dwell on filters, enhancing photos on this app will make it seem like you applied filters. Equipped with Basic and Creative adjustments, Snapseed will make your photos come alive with the various features that you can play wit

h and help you create gorgeous images that you can proudly share to your friends and family.

Maintaining a healthy body is honestly not a piece of cake. Workouts may instantly bore you if you don’t mix them up, prompting you to slack off from exercising. For people who want to continue exercising but would want to do away with the boring, recurring workouts, Nike Training Club by Nike Inc. is a must-have app. The app houses tons of workouts that you can follow, complete with instructional videos. I particularly loved how the app keeps track of the minutes I have spent executing a certain workout via an audio assistant. You can choose to play music from your device while you do a set of workouts, too. The Nike Training Club also has rewards and bonuses that you can receive for the progress you achieve with the app. Download the app today for free.

Having all your essential tools in one place is very much convenient, allowing you to launch just one app instead of scrambling to launch numerous ones. LINE Tools by Naver features tools we usually use — ruler, protractor, compass, calculator, and a few more that may come in handy one of these days. The app is very easy to use, with no extra frills and unnecessary whatnots. Instead of launching separate tool apps separately, just download LINE Tools to have your most important tools in one place and ready to be launched. LINE Tools is of course, a free app that you can download from the Google Play Store.

With the holidays coming up, don’t get too overwhelmed with work but don’t hassle yourself with bringing your essential tools everywhere. Take some time to hit the home gym with your virtual trainer, snap some gorgeous pictures, and even put your loved ones’ faces on that bottle of liquor you’re giving them for Christmas. Don’t forget to get a new launcher for yourself, as well.

What are some of the new useful, interesting, or fascinating apps you’ve come across this week? Found anything you’ve fallen in love with and can’t live without? Are you using any of the apps featured on our list? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez and Dan Evans; banner image uses Shutterstock photo by Shebeko)

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