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64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders halted (due to low demand) with UK retailer Clove

With some hope of the 64GB Galaxy S3 coming available for those in the UK. Retailer Clove, who had begun accepting pre-orders at the beginning of the month, has since stopped, citing limited demand.
November 29, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S3

Back at the beginning of November we saw UK retailer Clove begin accepting pre-orders for the 64GB Galaxy S3. And well, that pre-order phase has since come to and end. Unfortunately though, it is not the end that those who placed a pre-order would have been hoping for.

In short, Clove will not be offering the 64GB Galaxy S3. That said, if you remember back to the time when those pre-orders went live, Clove noted that they would carry the handset if they had enough interest from the pre-orders. According to the latest details;

“Unfortunately the number of pre-orders that we received did not meet the minimum required to bring stock into the UK, so we will not be ranging the handset.”

Clove went on to further apologize to those who placed a pre-order. Of course, given the original pre-order time period was supposed to be for two weeks time, and given when this news arrived — it looks like Clove either quietly extended the pre-order time period or they just had news they did not want to share. While either could be a real possibility, we would like to think the former is the more likely option.

Either way though, Clove will not have the 64GB Galaxy S3, which means those looking for a handset with a large amount of internal storage will have to continue to keep looking and keep waiting.