Not one to miss out on the black Samsung Galaxy S3 excitement, UK mobile retailer Clove has come forward with more details on the new variant. Will owners of the upcoming phone get something more than just a new wardrobe?

Clove says the black Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the first model in the series to come with 64GB storage. And while the phone is already up on its website, the retailer doesn’t expect to ship it out until October. This certainly falls in line with Carphone Warehouse’s 4-6 weeks shipping date.

As for the 64GB internal storage that the black Galaxy S3 is thought to be sporting, Samsung has said that the 64GB model is coming at “the second half of the year”, but it failed to provide a specific date. We’re guessing that October isn’t at all a bad time to capture the lucrative holiday season. Perhaps, the 64GB storage will only be available for the black Samsung Galaxy S3, at least initially, making it a must-have item for those who crave the extra space for documents and other “stuff”.

One aspect of the phone that no one seems to know yet is the price, unless you count the bizarre $1000+ price that one Canadian store is asking for the 64GB model. We think Samsung will slap a premium of at least $100 for the highest capacity model of the Galaxy S3.

Looking forward for the black Galaxy S3? How much do you think Samsung will sell the 64GB model for?