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64 GB Samsung Galaxy S3 spotted at Basatne Canada, goes for over $1,100

August 7, 2012

Although Samsung has announced from the get-go the releasing of the Galaxy S3 in three different versions, with 16, 32 and 64 GB of internal storage space, that last model has proven one sneaky little devil.

Rumors of the phone’s axing have popped up relatively quick around the web, fueled by Sammy’s reluctance to announce anything about a release or cancelation. Finally, Samsung has decided to “update” us on the model’s development a few weeks ago, making us even more frustrated with the vagueness of the company’s statements.

However, we have today the first solid piece of evidence to support the existence of the 64 GB Galaxy S3. The phone has popped up over in Canada, on Basatne Electronics’ official website, and has been up for grabs for a few hours or so. Unfortunately, this is a classic good news/bad news scenario, with the device’s pricing clearly qualifying for that latter part.

The Canadian Samsung Galaxy S3 with 64 GB of internal memory goes for a whopping CAD $1,167 (US $1,168), which is simply obscene, no matter how you look at it. For that money, you’ll of course be getting an unbranded SIM-free version of the phone with free shipping included.

Still, we can’t shake the feeling Basatne is trying to rip off tech lovers, considering that the unlocked 32 GB S3 is currently available for around $400 less at most online retailers. Not to mention the Canadians are offering the quad-core S3 for well over a grand, which doesn’t support 4G LTE speeds and is not on top of many people’s wish lists. Or that it comes with only one gig of RAM and not two.

That said, it still seems that over in Canada money has started growing on trees, as Basatne Electronics is already listing the 64 GB quad-core S3 as “out of stock”. Either that or the retailer didn’t have any such phones to start off and they simply thought of pulling a publicity stunt to draw some public attention.

If you’re made of money you should keep an eye on Basatne’s listing for the 64 GB Galaxy S3, and maybe the retailer will have some extra devices to sell soon enough. Or you can be smart and do a thousand of other more useful things with your money. Totally your choice!