Dell Aero 3

Dell Aero 3

The Dell Aero has recently been announced as AT&T’s second Android smartphone. Sure, they were a little late to get into the game, but at least they’re trying hard now. There is a splash page over at AT&T which details a little more about the phone and offers up a few pictures.

AT&T also will soon unveil an Android-based smartphone the Dell Aero. This will be Dell’s first smartphone available in the U.S., and will feature a new, beautiful custom user interface developed by Dell and AT&T. To learn more about the Dell Aero, visit

The splash page tells us that the Dell Aero will offer a 5 MP camera that will allow you to “share your life in a snap with integration into Flickr®, Facebook®, Picassa™, YouTube and TwitPic”. You can also enjoy the 3.5″ nHD display and partake in “web browsing experience with Flash Lite® support for streaming audio and video content”.

We’re not seeing anything particular groundbreaking here for Dell’s first Android product into the USA, but you can also “stay connected with a variety of social networking apps including Facebook that is fully integrated into your phonebook and syncs events to your calendar!” This is something we are looking forward to seeing as it does appear as though Dell have spent sometime customising the Android UI. Hopefully it will not disappoint.

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.