Looking to try Google All Access Music, but want more than a 30 day trial to ensure that you’ll really use it enough to justify the $9.99 monthly cost? Luckily for you, right now there are two ways to easily get a 60-day trial of Google Music All Access. Unfortunately, both methods are for new All Access customers in select countries.

The first route is to check your email. Since at least the start of March, Google has been sending out batch emails to various Gmail accounts inviting new subscribers to give the service a try. Once the email is sent, you have seven days to redeem the offer.

Right now there are two ways to easily get a 60-day trial of Google Music All Access

For example, looking through a secondary address I occasionally use, I saw that I was sent the offer back on March 3rd and that it expires today. We have also have heard reports that a new set of emails were sent out earlier today.

Don’t have an email invite? If you own a Chromebook, you also have the opportunity to redeem a 60 day free trial. Just about every Chromebook is applicable for the deal, as long as you are the first owner of the device. The only Chromebooks not supported appear to be the Google CR-48, Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, and Acer AC6700.

According to Google, you’ll have between now and September 30th to get in on this special Chromebook-only promotion. More details about the Chromebook offer can be found through Google’s support site. Know any other ways to get a 60-day trial besides owning a Chromebook or receiving an email invitation? Let us know in the comments below!

Andrew Grush
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