The confetti has been barely cleared out after yesterday’s introduction of Motorola’s latest Droid Razr offerings, the Razr M, Razr HD, and Razr HD Maxx – but the party doesn’t end there, as the good news keeps flowing in. It’s also one that should please those who like to tinker with their phones.

As announced by Motorola CEO Dennis Howard, there will be a special developer edition available soon for some of the new Droid phones – he didn’t specify when they would be arriving in stores. It looks like you don’t have to wait for too long for one of them, as both the Droid Razr M Developer Edition and Droid Razr HD Developer Edition are already up on Moto’s website.

You can preorder the hacker-friendly Droid Razr M now for $549.99, with shipments to start on September 13. The price and launch date for the Droid Razr HD Developer Edition haven’t been put up, but you can register yourself to get timely updates regarding its availability.

The special edition versions of these phones will come with an unlocked bootlader, which is why developers and tinkerers will find it hard to resist. But it also means that the phone is sold at an unsubsidized, hence, more expensive price upfront.

Now, excuse us for thinking out loud, but we thought the whole point of launching the “Unlock My Device” page a month ago was to provide an easy tool for folks who want to unlock the bootloaders on their Moto phones. The question is whether Moto will make all new devices compatible with the tool, and not just the developer edition ones.

What do you think? Do you mind shelling out some big bucks to gain the rights to hack your phones? Should Motorola make all models compatible with the bootloader unlocking tool?