If you’re into photography, be it at an amateur or professional(-ish) level, you are probably already familiar with 500px, an online photography community launched back in 2009 and currently hosting over six million photos.

The community’s special Android app, made available in Google Play less than two months back, has done a very good job in bringing the website closer to mobile users, but good enough doesn’t seem to be enough for 500px.

You can therefore now download a significantly updated 500px Android app with “improved performance” and several bug fixes. The user interface is as friendly, beautiful and minimalistic as before, the features have not been dramatically changed, but loading photos seems to be actually snappier right now, so overall the update looks like a successful one.

On the other hand, there are a couple of user reviews on Google Play complaining of lagginess, so if you happen to encounter problems with loading photos or any other features, you might not have the hardware requirements to handle the app and website’s visually demanding functions. In fact, the app was designed first and foremost for Android tablets, with just a couple of high-resolution smartphones being (partially) supported right now, like the Galaxy Nexus or HTC’s One X.

Fortunately, although the “five hundred pixels” app for Android seems to be stepping it up, it’s still available for free, so if you like snapping photos in your spare time and you want to find out if you could start make a living out of it, there’s no excuse for not downloading the app from Google Play and trying it out.

Drop us a comment if you decide to download the new app and let us know what you think of the update!