Smartphones are quickly changing the way music fans listen to and discover new music by adding a social component that’s impossible to achieve with a basic, standalone MP3 player. There’s been an explosion of apps in the Android Market, as well as new music services that make it easier than ever to get connected to a massive community of mobile music fans.

Android supports, the massively popular internet radio station that was one of the original pioneers of recommendation software. The app for Android automatically keeps tracks of what songs you regularly play and builds a custom profile based on your music tastes. It has a strong social element, encouraging you to browse other members’ profiles and discuss music with the community. It also easily links up with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing you to share your impeccable music tastes with your friends and family. But the greatest thing about this app will always be its recommendation software, which suggests new bands and songs based on your listening habits.

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Shazam is an app that takes advantage of an amazing new technology that can identify songs based on tiny snippets of music. Next time you’re at a coffee shop and a mesmerizing song that you’ve never heard comes on the radio, bust out Shazam and watch it work its magic. It’ll give you the artist, the song title, and the album, along with links to purchase the track, read album reviews, and much more. It’s almost scary how many songs it can accurately identify. A fun game is to try to stump Shazam by playing obscure rarities from the depths of your record collection, just be prepared to lose most of the time.

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Ever get the nagging feeling that you aren’t hip enough? The Daytrotter app could turn this around. This is the official app for the Horseshack Recording studio, famous for its “Daytrotter” sessions, live recordings that capture raw and stripped down performances from the world’s biggest indie acts. This app lets you stream new sessions straight from your phone and gives you complete access to the Daytrotter archives, including exclusive sessions from top level indie bands like MGMT, Best Coast, Death Cab for Cutie, and many, many others. It merges seamlessly with your Android’s media player, allowing you to stream sessions while you browse or play games on your Android. Being on the cutting edge has never been this easy.

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Roqbot is an exciting new app that puts a modern twist on the traditional jukebox. Roqbot partners with bars, cafes, and other public places, installing a virtual jukebox that Roqbot users can log into and make requests. Unlike a traditional jukebox, Roqbot users can see when their song will play, as well as what songs will precede it, allowing the user to control the flow of music like never before. Roqbot friendly venues are still relatively rare and generally located in the hippest part of town, but expect the idea to gain momentum over time.

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Muve Music

Muve Music is a monthly subscription service from Cricket Wireless that consolidates texting, phone, and unlimited music downloads into one monthly payment. It is the first truly mobile music service, allowing users to download songs directly onto their phones without going through a computer or external site first. Another appeal is the social component, which allows Muve subscribers to recommend songs to one another, browse each other’s libraries, and create custom ringtones and ringbacks. Perhaps the most impressive feature of all is My DJ, which automatically sends users full playlists of recommended new music. The service has already turned heads in the music industry when it gathered an impressive 100,000 subscribers within the first six months of its release.

There’s obviously a ton of Music related services, as many, if not more than there are apps in the market. Which one takes your pick?