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The 5 best deals you might have missed this week

We're always hunting for great offers, and there have been some doozies this week.
June 22, 2019
Robot Sale Savings Feature

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Robot Sale Savings

If you’ve had a busy week you might have missed some of the best deals we’ve stumbled across. Some of them are still on offer for a few more days, so we’ve rounded them up for your convenience.

From career-changing training to retro fun, you can save as much as $660 on these offers. Check them out below.

The Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle — $39.99

Best deals the Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle

Ethical hacking is the ultimate tech career. It’s an exciting skill to have, an admirable fight against crime, and the experts can make a small fortune.

You can get trained in these arts. The deal we picked up on a few days ago is the best-selling Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle. It’s a nine-part learning kit comprising more than 60 hours of hands-on video tutorials, training you to beat the hackers.

The value of the courses in this package is over $680, but right now it’s on promotion for just $39.99. Already more than 9,000 people have signed up, and you get access for life.

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The Gamebud with 400 games — $29.99

Gamebud Portable Gaming Console

The Gamebud is your chance to recreate that classic eight-bit gaming experience. It comes pre-loaded with 400 nostalgia-inducing games, and it slips nicely into a pocket.

Ready to start hammering away at buttons like in your Gameboy days? The Gamebud usually retails for around $75, but, while this deal lasts, you can pick one up for only $29.99.

The price shoots back up at the start of the week. If you want to check out the deal hit the button below, or check out our original post about the deal here.

Cisco CCNA Training Suite — $39

Best deals Cisco CCNA Training Suite

Networks are absolutely integral to every big company on the planet. Naturally, network engineers are in high demand, and Cisco engineers are top of that pile.

If you want to gain the necessary qualifications, the Cisco CCNA Training Suite is a great place for a beginner to start. It introduces the core principles of networking and prepares you for the certification exams.

The three learning kits in the suite contain over 37 hours of content, and together they’re worth more than $400. Right now though, you can pick them up all three for just $39. It’s one of the best deals we’ve seen for a while, which is why we spotlighted it on Monday.

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The LuguLake Retro Bluetooth Speaker — $69.99

LuguLake Retro Bluetooth Speaker

The LuguLake Retro Bluetooth Speaker is a tech device with an old-school twist. Not only does it produce high-level audio, but it’s also in a charming retro style which will compliment your pad.

The sound experience is down to five-inch bass drivers and a powerful 25W amp. It even has an FM radio and microphone input.

There’s a minor saving on this retro speaker right now, so you can pick one up today for just $69.99. We were cooing over it on Monday.

It’s just this weekend, so to check out the deal for yourself hit the button below.

AWS and DevOps Certification Training — $39

Best deals on AWS and DevOps Training

AWS and DevOps are two of the hottest tickets in the tech industry right now. Becoming a certified specialist in these fields is a great way to launch your tech career.

The AWS and DevOps Certification Training course is an ideal way to get the skills you need. This expert-led training takes you on a deep dive into these technologies, and it’s massively reduced in this promotion.

The deal deadline got extended since we posted about it last weekend, so it rounds off our best deals list. While it normally sells for almost $700, you can pick it up today for just $39.

Ready to get started on a new career path? Follow the link below to get started.

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