Welcome back to Google Play Weekly! A lot has happened this week and it’s mostly Google being awesome as usual. To start, Google Calendar got updated with a fun and new location feature. There was a Google+ development build leaked to social media that shows a new re-design. Word is Age of Empires is coming to Android this summer. Samsung and Amazon struck a deal to bring the Kindle app to Samsung devices with a free eBook every month. There’s a new Humble Bundle in town and it’s a pretty great one. Finally, here are five more Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

Android appsDomo – Icon Pack

[Price: $1.99]
First up this week is Domo icons. This icon pack is from the well-known and respected kovdev and features more than 1650 icons, a cloud-based wallpaper gallery, a category based icon library, and Muzei live wallpaper support. It’s $1.99 and for that many icons, that’s not a bad deal. If you’re in the hunt for a new icon pack, give these a shot.
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farfaria android appsFarFaria

[Price: Free Trial / $3.99/month]
FarFaria is an app that lets you download and read children’s books. It features over 600 books that you can download whenever and either read to your kids or let your kids read on their own. It does require a subscription which may deter some people but they do give you a trial so you can see if you like it first. They add new books every week day and once you’ve bought in, you can download and read any book in the library. This is a great app if you have younger kids because reading is good.
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farfaria android apps

today calendar android appsToday – Calendar

[Price: Free Trial / $2.99]
Today Calendar was released this last week to highly positive reviews. It’s based on the AOSP calendar but makes a number of visual and performance improvements. The most noticeable of which is the more modern design with color accents. The developers also include widgets as separate downloads that have also been redesigned. If you like the AOSP calendar but wish it looked different, this is an app to try out.
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today calendar android apps

chrome remote desktop android appsChrome Remote Desktop

[Price: Free]
Part of the awesome week Google has been having includes the release of Chrome Remote Desktop. As the name implies, this allows you to mirror your desktop onto your Android device so that you can manage your desktop from mobile. It seems to work pretty well for most people but there are some quirks and incompatibilities here and there. Thankfully it’s free so you don’t lose anything by trying it out.
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chrome remote desktop android apps

google camera android appsGoogle Camera

[Price: Free]
The new Google Camera was released this last week and it’s really been the talk of the week. I reviewed Google Camera and we’ll have that linked here at the end of the video and in the video description below so I won’t spend much time talking about it now. Google Camera is a simple camera application with a refreshingly simple and active interface with some fun features like Lens Blur. Check out the full review for more details.
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