It’s now 2014 and even though the holidays are over, there are still a lot of exciting things going on. CES is right around the corner and it’s expected that LG will announce its HomeChat app that lets you text your appliances. As you no doubt have heard by now, there was an exploit found on Snapchat that has compromised 4.6 million accounts. You can pick up Jedi Academy on Android now but you’ll need to get the PC version too. A few days ago, we announced our best, worst, and most controversial apps of 2013 and you shouldn’t miss that. Finally, there’s a free Android app developer class taking place here in a few weeks that budding developers should totally check out. Now, here are five more Android apps you can’t miss this week!

Recollect Trending Android appsRecollect

[Price: Free]
First up this week is a brand new app called Recollect. In the style that has become popular in Android, Recollect takes a fairly old concept like to-do lists and improves the design by such a degree that it feels like a new experience. How it works is you put Get it on Google Playsomething on the list and a place where that thing will take place. Then, when you show up to that place, your phone will remind you. It’s pretty nice, check it out.
Recollect trending Android apps

Drastic DS Emulator Android appsDraStic DS Emulator

[Price: $5.99]
DraStic recently got a huge update that not only fixed some bugs and improved performance, but also added some much needed support for Moga Controllers and the Kitkat ART runtime. Get it on Google PlayIt’s still a tad expensive at $5.99 but it’s far and wide the best DS emulator available right now and there is a free demo you can try before you drive in and buy it.
Drastic DS Emulator Android Apps

Carbon for Twitter Android appsCarbon for Twitter 2.0

[Price: Free]
The popular Twitter app Carbon has released an update to what they’re calling Carbon 2.0. In this huge update there is a totally re-designed user interface and a host of new features including redesigned Timeline, swipe-able tabs, font customizations, Get it on Google Playthreaded DMs, multiple account support, and a whole lot more. It’s free to try so there’s no real reason not to give it a shot and it really does look quite nice.
Carbon for Twitter Android apps

reddit is fun android appsReddit Is Fun

[Price: Free]
Reddit Is Fun is one of the highest rated and most popular Reddit apps for Android and on January 1st, the developers kicked off the new year by releasing a big update. Included are a number of fixes for things like widget Get it on Google Playtitles and theme downloads, new settings, new sort options, new display options, and a lot more. If you’re shopping for a new Reddit app, we recommend you try this one.
Reddit is fun Android apps

OneNote Android appsOneNote

[Price: Free]
Microsoft apps have never done traditionally well on Android, but you can’t fault them for continuing to try to make things better. That said, OneNote received a sizeable update that includes a new widget, the ability Get it on Google Playto share web content, multi-window mode, and other various improvements and bug fixes. If you’re a user of OneNote already, it may be time to give the app another chance.
OneNote Android apps

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