It’s been a very active week in the world of Android and not just on the hardware side of things. To start, NVIDIA ended exclusivity with TegraZone and now all devices that run Android 2.2 and up can use it. Google Chrome was busy as they have released a beta for a program that will port web apps to Android and iOS as well as an experimental project that lets people build with virtual Legos. There’s a new Star Wars game on the horizon, according to Disney. Gameloft is updating much of their library to include Kitkat’s Immersive Mode. Finally, there was a big thing going around that the NSA is using apps like Angry Birds to collect user data. Keep on reading for five Android apps you can’t miss this week!

Lumos Icon Pack android appsLumos – Icon Pack

[Price: $1.99]
Lumos is a newly released icon pack for a couple of bucks in the Google Play Store. It features a whopping 1480 icons, a cloud-based wallpaper gallery, and even a dashboard application to help you assign icons. The icons are colorful and dark Get it on Google Playwith a modern and sharp design. It’s compatible with about a dozen launchers and that includes all the best options so if you’re a fan of icon packs, give this one a look.
Lumos Icon Pack Android apps

stack exchange android appsStack Exchange

[Price: Free]
Stack Exchange made our best apps of January 2014 list and for good reason. It’s a highly informative app that can help you find the answers to the questions you have. It’s like Yahoo! Answers on crack. It has a Get it on Google Playwell-designed interface and offers quick access to all of Stack Exchange’s sites, including the popular Stack Overflow. Also, it’s free so there’s no real reason not to try it.
stack exchange android apps

groopic android appsgroopic

[Price: Free]
Groopic is an interesting third party camera application with but one purpose and that is to get the photographer into the photo. Here’s how it works. You snap a photo then you go and situate yourself in the shot and someone else Get it on Google Playsnaps a photo. Then groopic morphs the two together so that it’s a nice picture of everyone. It’s free to use and recommended by a lot of prominent blogs, including this one.
groopic android apps

Dungeon Keeper android appsDungeon Keeper

[Price: Free]
Dungeon Keeper is a multiplayer strategy game where you must build a dungeon and then attack the dungeons of others. It’s gaining popularity quickly and garners a fairly high rating in the Google Play Store. Considering it’s a game made by EA and they’ve had some Get it on Google Playpretty questionable tactics in the past when it comes to freemium, this is still a title worth checking out if you’re into online strategy games. It’s free so it can’t hurt.
Dungeon Keeper android apps

Dash android appsDash

[Price: Free]
Last up this week is a new application called Dash. Called by many the “Fitbit for cars”, Dash connects you to your car using the same technology as Progressive Insurance does with their Snapshot device. You plug in a device under your Get it on Google Playdashboard and then use Dash to interface with it. You can check out a myriad of stats including driver scores, explanations of check engine lights, car location and more.
Dash android apps

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