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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week - Android Apps Weekly

Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! This week we talk Pokemon GO, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, big ChromeOS news, and more Android apps and games nws!

Published onMay 1, 2016

Android Apps Weekly
weatherback wallpaper Android Apps Weekly
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Welcome back to the Android Apps Weekly show! This is episode number 138, let’s take a look at the headlines from the last week:

  • Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell has decided that enough is enough. He announced this week during an interview with The Guardian that he intends on stepping back into game development but with a focus on mobile gaming. He says mobile games piss him off and that they suck. Since a lot of them make us feel the same way, we can’t wait to see what he’s got coming.
  • Some new leaked footage of Pokemon GO surfaced early this week which seems to have only added to the major hype surrounding the game. The leak is about nine minutes long and shows you far more about the mechanics and game play than any prior video leak so far. As you can imagine, people are super excited about it but there is still no release date.
  • Nintendo has announced that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games will be making their way to smartphones sometime this fall. This comes on the heels of Miitomo’s release which has been very profitable for the company so far. We don’t know if they’ll be full-fledged games or freemium variants, but we’ll know more later this year.
  • The Amazon App Store is having some growing pains this week. They haven’t been properly labeling whether or not apps have in-app purchases which is a big no-no. The FTC is now going after them and have won similar cases against Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Expect a huge fine to be levied and changes to be made before the end of the year.
  • Google let it slip this week that it plans on unleashing Android apps on ChromeOS. Some people on Reddit have found an opt-in that allows the Google Play Store on Chrome which would mean all of the apps and games will be available to a degree. This seems to fall in line with the reports that ChromeOS and Android would be folded together. We’ll likely learn more at Google I/O here in a couple of weeks.

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super phantom cat Android Apps Weekly
Super Phantom Cat

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Super Phantom Cat is a platformer that pays homage to the 8-bit and 16-bit platformers of old. It has a goofy storyline to help moves things along and you’ll be treated to a bunch of levels, unlockable characters, and some retro style graphics that are bright and colorful. The game does manage to invoke the same feelings that old platformers did, although it could be argued that it borrowed a little much from the mechanics. In any case, it’s free to play and it’s pretty fun.

radon Android Apps Weekly

[Price: Free]
Radon is a unique application that allows you to share links with just about anyone that’s close enough to you. The app takes advantage of the newer Nearby APIs and doesn’t require other people to be on the same WiFi network, Bluetooth connection, or even have NFC on for it to work. The idea is that you shoot a link out and anyone with the Radon app open can accept the link and open it. There are some early release bugs, but the app does work and it’s pretty nifty.

radon Android Apps Weekly

orbit's odyssey Android Apps Weekly
Orbit’s Odyssey

[Price: $2.99]
Orbit’s Odyssey is a unique little puzzle game where you must defeat replicating monsters, collect stars, and take advantage of the game mechanics to not be defeated. It uses mechanics that allow you to kind of orbit around planets to avoid being captured which was actually rather enjoyable. It also comes with five characters, 90 levels, 100 stars in each level, and some fun looking animation and graphics. It’s $2.99 with no in-app purchases if you’re interested.

random flix Android Apps Weekly
Random Flix

[Price: Free]
Random Flix is a fun little application if you have Netflix and you’re really lazy. The basic premise is that you hit a button and the app will give you a TV show to watch on Netflix. This solves the old question of what to watch on TV. The app has access to every show on Netflix which also makes it a nice reference guide if you just want to look around. Think of it like the TV guide of Netflix. It’s also completely free which is nice

random flix Android Apps Weekly

angry birds action Android Apps Weekly
Angry Birds Action

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Angry Birds Action is the latest out of Rovio and this game isn’t like the standard Angry Birds games. It’s essentially a pinball game where you launch birds around a board to rack up points, collect valuable items, and save the eggs. It features characters from the Angry Birds movie and it’s likely that this was made as a promotional game since the movie comes out next month. It has an energy system, which sucks a lot, but otherwise it’s family friendly and free to download.

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If we missed any great Android apps or games news, tell us about them in the comments!

That about does it for this video folks. If you want to check out more videos, we have our picks for the best new apps and games from april 2016 there on the screen and in the video description below. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and keep it tuned to Android Authority because we are your source for all things Android. Thanks again for watching everybody and have a wonderful day.

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