Mobile World Congress 2014 starts in less than a week and we’ve seen a few big stories in the app world of developers trying to push projects out before the big event starts. Namely, BlackBerry Messenger getting an update that allows for voice calls which is a big deal if you use BBM. Opera Max is now in open beta and you can try it out by clicking here. The web version of the Google Play Store has been updated to show when apps have in-app purchases. VH1 has an official app now and we think that’s super. If you were hoping for more Flappy Bird rip offs, don’t hold your breath. Publishers want to put them out but Google and Apple are all like nope. Finally, here are five Android apps you can’t miss this week!

Dormi Android appsDormi – Baby Monitor

[Price: Free]
Dormi has the potential to be a really helpful application if you’re a parent. This app is essentially a baby monitor for smartphones. Here’s how it works, you put a phone in a room where there is a baby and when it cries, the app will amplify the sound and send it to your smartphone. It Get it on Google Playhas a few other nifty features like stats and it’ll even notify you discreetly if you’re on the phone and the baby starts to cry. It’s a nice app for parents and it’s free!
Dormi Android apps

glove android appsGlove – A Network That Fits

[Price: Free]
Glove is a very interesting application that helps you figure out if your current mobile service is right for you. What you do is download the app and activate it. For three days the app will take usage statistics and location statistics then, based on your locations and usage, it will suggest mobile Get it on Google Playplans from various carriers. It’s only available to San Francisco and New York residents for right now but do keep an eye out on this app because it can be really helpful.
glove android apps

mig 2d android appsMig 2D: Retro Shooter

[Price: Free]
Mig 2D is a new game out from Herocraft and chances are you’ve played games like this before. Essentially, this is your classic top-down scrolling shooter where you control an airplane and blow things up. It’s free to play Get it on Google Playand has in-app purchases, but you shouldn’t need to buy anything to enjoy the title. It’s a fun little game if you enjoy this kind of stuff and a great way to kill some time.
mig 2d android apps

blink android appsBlink! Secret Messaging

[Price: Free]
The NSA spying thing is still quite a big worry for a lot of people and the popular iOS app Blink has made its way to Android to help combat that. In this private messaging service, you send messages that self-destruct after a period Get it on Google Playof time and have conversations off the record. It looks better than competitors but there are a few bugs here and there. If it works for you, it’s worth having around just in case.
blink android apps

the room two android appsThe Room Two

[Price: $2.99]
The first game in this series was spectacular even if it was a little short and so far, we get that same vibe about The Room Two. For those new to the series, this is a puzzle game where you much search for clues, unlock secrets, and figure out what’s going on. Get it on Google PlayIt has a wicked high 4.9 rating in the Play Store and it’s among the best releases in the month of February. It’s $2.99 but it should be well worth it as the game is a lot of fun.
the room two android apps

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