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5 Android apps you don't want to miss this week! - [Google Play Weekly]

Welcome back to Google Play Weekly (11/18/2013). This week we talk about Rovio's racing game, Humble Bundle 7, and a whole lot more about Android apps!
October 18, 2013

App News this week
Google is releasing an app that will give people rewards for sending in their (anonymous) mobile data usage stats called Mobile Meter. Also, Swiftkey got a huge update where you can re-size and move the keyboard at will. Twitter could be doing a messenger service. The latest Humble Bundle 7 is available with some great Android games. Lastly, Rovio is doing a Diddy Kong Racing re-make (with their own characters). Watch the video above or click the links to check those out more. Here are 5 more Android apps you can’t miss this week!

Android apps - Netflix

[Price: Free]
Netflix got an update that has increased performance pretty much across the board. Along with a much smoother experience, the app also has a new GUI so it both looks and acts brand new. If you’re a

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Netflix subscriber and you’ve been holding off on the Android version, it might be a good time to try it out now.
Netflix - Android apps

Android apps - Instagram

[Price: Free]
Next up we’ll talk about Instagram. The app was updated recently to include a few new features. There are simplified video settings, which includes a new setting to help with

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data usage, and you can now straighten pictures taken with the Instagram camera.
Instagram - Android apps - android apps

[Price: Free]
We know a lot of people who use don’t like it very much, but they have been trying hard to not be so terrible. That said, a recent update has added a few new features. You can now

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choose more colors for theming your inbox, you can sync your entire mailbox for offline viewing, and they have included server side search. - Android apps

Riptide GP2 - Android apps
Riptide GP2

[Price: $2.99]
The best water-related racing game this year got a new update and it’s a really big one. Included is a new game mode where you can challenge your friends and compete for best times on leaderboards.

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They have added a new hydro jet, the Scorpion, you can now race as a female rider, and they’ve added some new touchscreen controls.
Riptide GP2 Android apps

Google Play Music - Android apps
Google Play Music

[Price: Free]
Last on our trending apps list this week is Google Play Music. They got a small update that didn’t add all that much. You can now listen to I’m Feeling Lucky radio which will play music that you

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love, according to Google. They have also added Pin icons to cards so you can more easily keep track of what’s on your device.
Google Play Music - Android apps

Do you have any new apps to recommend this week? Let us know in the comments below.