How important is 4G LTE to you? In a new study by Piper Jaffray, nearly half of the consumers surveyed don’t actually feel it’s that important, believe it or not. For those with fairly basic needs, like checking Facebook or browsing a few web pages, I suppose that makes sense.

The true benefits of higher-speed Internet really don’t become all that visible until it comes to things like massive downloads, which many people do from their WiFi connections, in order to conserve data.

The survey also found that 51% of those responding didn’t care about which network they got their 4G LTE service from, so this means that there isn’t a clear favorite in terms of 4G LTE carrier.

Conducting a survey is all and good, but keep in mind that you only get a small picture of what is really going on. Piper Jaffray didn’t release information on how many were surveyed, nor the demographics. All we know is that they conducted this survey in order to see how important 4G was and whether Sprint’s weaker 4G presence should negatively affect it or not.

A good reason why 4G LTE might not matter to those reviewed is because they have never used it. Sure, there is advertising for 4G LTE, but you really don’t know how much better it is until you use it. Many consumers were fine with dial-up or slow-speed 128k DSL before they knew better, after all.

Now a different concern altogether would be whether Android enthusiasts consider mobile data speed. Android Authority readers: how important is 4G LTE to you?

Andrew Grush

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