Four out of 5 people would consider buying an Android tablet over a 500-dollar iPad, but only if the said Android tablet cost less than US$250. About 6 out of 10 people would “seriously consider” buying a tablet manufactured by Amazon. These are some of the findings from a recent survey commissioned by consumer electronics shopping site

The survey, held last month, involved 1,000 respondents based in the United States. The survey population was distributed across gender, age, income, and location. Retrevo claims the responses have a 4% confidence interval at 95% confidence level.

One of the chief findings from the survey was that consumers who expressed interest in buying a tablet want to buy ones that are cheap. The cheaper it gets, the more respondents want to buy it. Retrevo asked survey respondents whether they would buy an Android tablet bearing similar features as an iPad that costs US$499. Almost 8 out of 10 (79%) said they’d buy one if the price was less than US$250. Jack the price up to US$300, and the interest wanes–48%. Bump the price up further to just about 99 dollars short of the base iPad’s price (i.e., an Android tablet at US$400), and the interest even goes lower at 31%.

Interestingly, an Amazon-manufactured tablet seems to be the preferred brand, despite the fact that Amazon has yet–if at all–to release its rumored tablets. A little over half (55%) of survey respondents would “seriously consider” buying a tablet from Amazon. The second preferred manufacturers are both Samsung and Dell (both chosen by 38% of the respondents), and the third preferences are Motorola and HP (chosen by 31% of respondents). Retrevo, however, seems skeptical about the outcome of this part of the survey, since Amazon, in this case, bears two faces: manufacturer (of Kindle and its rumored upcoming tablets) and reseller (of non-Amazon branded tablets from other manufacturers).

Half of the respondents who have yet to buy their first-ever tablets this year said they would buy iPads. Only 21% said they would buy Android tablets, while 10% indicated they would buy some other tablet. The remaining 19% indicated multiple intended purchases of iPad, Android tablet, and/or some other brand.

Low prices seem to be the chief factor for purchasing choices among the respondents. Almost half (48%) of them consider low price as the most important feature of their next tablet purchase. The second most important tablet feature indicated by 28% of respondents is high resolution display on the tablet. And, the third most important–indicated by 20% of respondents–is better input features (e.g., keyboard, speech recognition, and the like).

What about you? At what price would you buy an Android tablet with features comparable to the iPad? What is your preferred Android tablet manufacturer? What is the most important feature that you’d like your Android tablet to have?

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