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Take your pick from 4 deals on VPN lifetime subscriptions!

Looking to get yourself a VPN subscription? You no longer need to worry about insane prices or monthly payments. The AA Deals Store has more than enough discounts to go around.
September 2, 2015

Looking to get yourself a VPN subscription? You no longer need to worry about insane prices or monthly payments. The AA Deals Store has more than enough discounts to go around. In fact, you can currently take your pick at four VPN lifetime subscriptions, all being offered at crazy discounts.

Whether you want to keep your browsing private or need to unlock location-restricted websites (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), these VPN services should take care of business very well. Now, the real issue is choosing between them. Let’s take a look at the one by one and see which one is the best for you, shall we?

TigerVPN Lite lifetime subscription – $29

This VPN lifetime subscription may be the cheapest of the bunch, but it certainly isn’t a bad contender. TigerVPN Lite does provide good security. It encrypts all your browsing and offers 10 Gbps servers optimized to limit latency. In addition, users can choose from 15 nodes in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Denver, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Vienna & Zurich.

TigerVPN keeps your data usage unlimited and is compatible with a bevy of devices. Supported platforms include iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Windows and even routers. To be honest, this one may just be one of the hottest VPN deals in this post, even though its the one that costs the least. By the way, it’s also the most discounted of the bunch at 96% off!


VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription – $39

Not happy with the option above? You can opt for VPN Unlimited, which is 70% off right now. This service offers a secure and encrypted connection, unlimited bandwidth and a high-speed connection optimized for latency reduction. The real benefit here is that you can access a longer list of servers, if that is something you really need. Oh, and you can have 5 devices connected simultaneously, a feature which happens to be quite important. TigerVPN only allows for one active connection at a time.

VPN Unlimited 3.0 also includes downloadable global server lists, fast server switching, added servers and hands-on statistics for each device. VPN Unlimited is also compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OSX Windows and Linux. Not a bad deal, right?


WiFi Protector VPN lifetime subscription – $49

WiFi Protector VPN is pretty popular. It does what it’s advertised to do, and it does it well. The coolest part about this service is its simple user interface, which allows you to connect to over 20 servers across the world. Of course, it has unlimited bandwidth and fast servers, too. The only downside about WiFi Protector VPN is that it only supports Windows and Android. Not an issue for most people, though.


VPN Land lifetime subscription – $49.99

Is the most expensive VPN subscription in this list worth the cash? To some it might be. VPN Land doesn’t fail to offer speedy connections from 9 available countries and secure browsing. But the coolest aspect is that this service happens to support the most platforms and devices. You can use it with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and, get this… BlackBerry 10!


Which one are you getting?

It’s hard to decide, but I would personally go for VPN Unlimited. It’s super affordable, has plenty of servers in different countries, supports a plethora of devices and allows for multiple products. I do like how TigerVPN Lite can be used with routers, though. Which do you prefer?