cordy 2

Cordy, a 3D puzzle platform game, has been around for years now. The game is widely loved. So much so that it’s been featured in both Editors’ Picks and Staff Picks! The game reminds you of Little Big Planet on the PlayStation 3 and Fez on Xbox Live Arcade. It even has elements of Super Mario and Sonic!

Developer SilverTree Media rose the bar with Cordy when it came to gaming on Android. SilverTree Media looks to raise the bar even further by launching a sequel to Cordy, Cordy 2. Cordy 2 is a vast improvement from its predecessor.

The game boasts of three worlds and a total of 48 levels full of difficult puzzles. It may not be a lot of content compared to other games, but completing achievements will keep you occupied for some time. If that’s still not enough to give you your Cordy fix, we can hold on to hope that SilverTree Media will add more worlds in the future.

Cordy 2 is free in the Google Play Store for the first four levels, just enough to spike your interest. After the four levels are completed and your itching for more, the full game can be obtained through an in-app purchase.

Make sure to click here to snag Cordy 2 off of the Google Play Store!