The next best thing to 3D is, well, a screen that’s 3D glasses-free. But add that with an Android 4.0 tablet and it would be totally awesome. Fortunately, a new line of inexpensive 3D tablets has been launched by a company called Gadmei.

The features of the Gadmei T863 3D tablet include an 8 inch, 1280x768p display equipped with a 5-point capacitive touch panel, 1GB RAM, 1GHz Amlogi Cortex A9 processor, 8GB storage, 500mAh battery, and 2 cameras on both sides of the tablet. It also has ports for a mini HDMI, microSD, and mini USB.

Setting itself apart from the other tablet manufacturers, 3D is a great gimmick the brand has ventured into. But really, there aren’t a lot of 3D content available… yet. There is an auto-looped demo video of a woman flying through the air via 3D display, so it should be pretty cool.

However, we did find that the screen of the T863 was a bit temperamental. In order to see the right 3D effect, you will need to gaze at the tablet from the appropriate angle. If not, all you’ll see is a blurry image. No point of having a 3D tablet there, unfortunately. Another 3D tablet, the E8-3D has almost the same features, except for the 1280x800p display. The brand also has a series of other tablets without 3D technology.


The range for Gadmei 3D tablets is between $130 and $160. The T863 is now being sold as retail for just $199.

Christine Torralba
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