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Big screen smartphones remain popular as Samsung reveals it has sold over 38 million Galaxy Notes

Samsung has sold over 38 million Galaxy Note devices over the past two years and it estimates that it will sell at least 10 million Galaxy Note 3 devices. Such impressive sales numbers demonstrate again the demand for larger screen smartphones, something that only Android manufacturers seem to understand.
September 9, 2013
During a press event at IFA, J. K. Shin – president of Samsung mobile communications, revealed some interesting sales figures for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2. According to Shin Samsung has sold over 38 million Galaxy Note devices over the past two years.

That is a very healthy number and raises the question yet again about large screen smartphones (5 inches and over) verses smaller screen smartphones (4 to 5 inches). Apple has rigidly stuck to the smaller end, but iPhone fans seem happy with Apple’s choices since the iPhone continues to sell well. However Samsung has taken a different approach in that it offers phones with a variety of screen sizes including the popular Galaxy S3 (4.8 inches) and the Galaxy S4 (4.99 inches). If Samsung, HTC, LG and others are able to sell millions of phones with 4 to 5 inch displays plus the very same companies are able to sell millions of units featuring even larger displays then it is clear that consumers cherish the choice and that larger screen phones are not just an odd statistical blip.

Shin didn’t elaborate any further or breakdown the number per year or per device, but he did add that Samsung expects to sell at least 10 million Galaxy Note 3 phones. The 10 million figure is probably low, or maybe only a short term prediction, as both the Note and Note 2 sold in greater quantities.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will go on sale internationally from September 25 except for in the U.S. and Japan where it will be released during October.