mini mk802

The Mini MK802 packs Android 4.0 into a USB flash drive you can fit on your key-chain. This tiny little device can be plugged in to any HDMI display, so you can run an Android computer on virtually any modern television or monitor. It also features an additional USB port so that you can add essential peripherals like a keyboard and mouse.

The MK802 mini computer has a built in wireless 802.11b/g receiver, so you can connect to your home network easily, and a MicroSD card for up to 32GB of internal storage. It’s surprisingly powerful for such a small device, as it has full 1080p video support and will play some games as well. You can see some of the features in the video from the developers below.

It’s a great concept; access to the internet, emails and app services such a Netflix, without having to spring for an expensive network enabled television or separate set top box.

The Mini MK802 is currently for sale through Amazon for only $35, but unfortunately they won’t ship outside of the US. For your $35 you also get an HDMI cable, charging kit, mini USB cable and mini USB adapter. An absolute steal.

Are you interested in picking one of these up? What would you use it for?

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