America is getting more gadget-obsessed by the minute. For some users, their phones are more valuable as companions than real-life partners. In yet another survey on mobile phone culture released last month, a third of the respondents revealed that they prefer having their cell phones rather than having sex for a week.

TeleNav, a leader on wireless location-based services, surveyed 514 U.S. cellphone users of legal driving age (254 males and 260 females) on whether they would rather give up their phone or their needs/wants like chocolate, caffeine, exercise, among others. Apart from the 33% who chose mobile phones over sex, other interesting results include 70% willing to sacrifice good ol’ alcohol, 21% would rather be barefoot, 20%can forego the computer, and 22% would give up their toothbrushes. For a week.

The survey also tried to identify preference and behavior based on the user’s choice of smartphone operating system, whether it’s iOS, Android, or BlackBerry. Android users significantly topped the survey as users who believe that their phones are indicators of sense of style (55%) against iOS users’ mere 35%.The former also reported updating their social networks using their device (50%) and having never bought an app priced more than $1.00 (62%). 18% also admitted to have used a mobile feature like text or e-mail to break up with a partner.

Some more interesting numbers from the survey: two-thirds of the respondents sleep with their mobile beside them, and 31% check their phones even if they are in the movie house.

More results in this infographic:

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