Nexus 7 32GB

We’ve heard rumors of a 32GB Nexus 7 for a while now. There have been leaked inventory screens suggesting the 32GB model’s existence, not to mention that one Japanese customer seems to have received a 32GB Nexus 7 instead of the 16GB that was originally ordered. Now we have a screenshot that flat out suggests that the 32GB model is meant to replace the existing 16GB Nexus 7 version, without any change to the price tag.

As flash memory becomes cheaper by the day, this isn’t that surprising. Thanks to the lack of microSD, Nexus 7 users can easily hit a wall with the 8GB and 16GB offerings if they download a lot of content directly to their devices. Having 32GB is still not nearly as exciting as a Nexus 7 with microSD, but you take what you can get.

You have to wonder though, why isn’t the 8GB model being phased out? You would think that having a 16GB and 32GB model might make more sense. The idea is probably to offer two very different size configurations to appeal to a broader range of consumers. The jump from 8 to 16GB isn’t all that much for the extra cost, but 8 to 32GB certainly makes an upgrade to the larger model more diserable. Those that don’t mind streaming and cloud storage will likely flock to buy a sub-$199 Nexus 7, and the existing price point for the 16GB model is more than fair for a 32GB model.

Are you excited about the possibility of getting double the space for the same price as the original Nexus 7 16GB tablet?

Andrew Grush
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