Nexus 5 LG Canada

The pre-launch Nexus 5 details keep coming in, with a new image supposedly showing a bunch of purported Nexus 5 retail boxes stored in one of LG Canada’s warehouses.

The pictures above has been first spotted on a forum and then reposted on reddit. Apparently, the two photos have been taken by an LG Canada employee, although (as expected) nothing is official at this point.

Unsurprisingly, the retail package of the Nexus 5 is very familiar, as it was leaked just a few days ago.

The same person that posted the images also said that LG Canada has around 30,000 units allocated for the region, with 4,000 units set for western Canada and 26,000 for the east.

Nexus 5 LG Canada

According to the employee at the “LG western Canadian Distribution Center,” those 26,000 units will supply mostly Rogers, while the 4,000 units are “spoken for” Bell and Telus.

If accurate, that may mean that Google Play Store Nexus 5 units aren’t counted in this 30,000 batch.

Earlier today, we talked about Carphone Warehouse already storing Nexus 5 units in the UK, although that number was far lower.

Furthermore, Wind Mobile in Canada has already put up a pre-registration page for the Nexus 5, quickly taking it down.

Nexus 5 LG Canada

A previous rumor said a few days ago that Canadian carriers will launch the Nexus 5 on November 7/8, while the Play Store will start selling them a week earlier.

These are all clear signs pointing to an imminent Nexus 5 launch, although we’re still waiting for Google to properly introduce the handset. The company has a special media event set for tomorrow, at which point we’ll be able to hopefully tell you more details about the Nexus 5 launch.