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Report: 3 sided Samsung display enters test production, rumored to be heading for the Note 4

According to sources inside Samsung’s supply chain, a test batch of its three sided Youm display panel has entered limited production. Some are speculating that this display could end up in the Galaxy Note 4.
August 8, 2014
Samsung Youm display

Remember that strange looking Youm display with the rounded edges, pictured above, which cropped up at CES 2013? Well it looks like Samsung has put it, or some variation, into trial production.

According to the Korean media, which are citing sources from within Samsung’s supply chain, the three-sided Youm display design has entered manufacturing, in limited quantities. The sources state that Samsung is currently only able to produce the plastic substrate required by the display in limited amounts, which means that any device which might be making use of this display will be rather limited in quantity.

Speculation is rife that this display could turn up in the rumoured curved version of the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. Although, it is not clear in exactly what quantities Samsung is producing these displays, it could just be for a batch of prototype devices.


Samsung is expected to put out a new curved smartphone at some point in this year, which many had expected to be a continuation of the Galaxy Round handset. However, this three sided display is a different take on the curved design, and could well end up in a different product range.

Rumors have previously suggested that Samsung is preparing two versions of the Note 4, one with a curved/flexible display, alongside a more regular option. It is believed that Samsung could offer a twist on its usual device functionality with the three sided display, such swiping the side to unlock, offering up buttons and controls on the side to avoid taking up space on the main display, or simply being a place to store things like bookmarks.

We’ll keep our eye out for what Samsung has planned for these strange looking displays. There is still a bit of a wait until the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, where all could be revealed, which is expected to be unveiled in September.