Just last month, a software developer was able to find a way around the locked bootloader of the Motorola DROID X. The workaround involved a method called 2nd-init, which, while not actually unlocking the handset’s bootloader (or allow custom kernels), will open up the handset to custom ROMs, such as the well-loved and popular CyanogenMod 7.x.

The same method has been used to bring custom ROMs to the Motorola DROID X2. A bunch of developers led by edgan posted their success with porting 2nd-init for the DROID X2 on the XDA Developers forum.

According to edgan, the 2nd-init APK for the DROID X2 was ported from the Motorola Atrix and requires a working installation of SuperUser.apk on the DROID X2. The version of the 2nd-init APK works currently only for Froyo kernels but not yet for Gingerbread, although updated and more stable versions might arrive soon as more developers start contributing their efforts.

The current version is still buggy, with some features still not functioning (e.g., GPS, 3G/data, camera, camcorder, Bluetooth audio, other audio). However, a lot of functions work out of the box, such as the radio, Wi-Fi, USB, charging, sensors, lights, vibration, and standard Bluetooth–although functionality remains unstable and unpredictable for now.

While the current APK may not be usable for general use just yet, the developers are inviting other developers to help in debugging and refining the software, as well as in beta testing.

Take a look at the following video showing CyanogenMod7 being installed on a Motorola DROID X:

More details and instructions are available on the XDA Developers forum page that discusses this particular port.