Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 2 Concept

A well-known source for mobile leaks has posted an image that lists 276 APKs reportedly found on the Galaxy Note 3, although it’s not clear where he got the picture from.

High bloatware levels?

@evleaks, which has been mostly accurate with previous leaks, has posted two images on its Twitter account, one showing a partial lists containing 50 APKs for the Galaxy Note 3 and the second one listing 276 APKs for the handset.

Does that mean the Galaxy Note 3 will come packed with a lot of bloatware? Not necessarily.

It’s likely that Samsung will introduce plenty of apps made for the Galaxy Note 3 once the phone is official, and it’s also likely that carriers will have their own apps preloaded on the Galaxy Note 3 units they’ll sell.

For what it’s worth, the list contains plenty of Samsung apps, including S Pen-related APKs and even KNOX APKs.

But we can’t confirm how many such apps will be pre-installed. The screenshot can’t be confirmed at this time, and while it’s likely it comes from a Galaxy Note 3, we’ll remind you that the handset has been in testing so far, and the source doesn’t mention more details about the device that had all these APKs on it.

At this time, it’s not known how much storage the base Galaxy Note 3 will have to offer – some rumors say that there won’t be a 16GB version at all, as Samsung may move to 32GB memory for the cheapest Galaxy Note 3 versions.

Galaxy Note 3

Rumored: 276 APKs on the Galaxy Note 3 (click for bigger image) | Image credit: @evleaks

We’ll remind you that Galaxy S4 buyers didn’t appreciate the memory storage available to the user on the handset, and Samsung may be interested in preventing such issues with future flagship devices including the Galaxy Note 3.

What about fingerprint-reading support?

As you can see in the list above, there’s a FingerprintService.apk in there that seems to suggest the handset will pack some sort of fingerprint-reading support. Is that a hidden Galaxy Note 3 feature that existing leaks missed, or is it just an app installed on the handset?

Sam Mobile’s insider says that the handset will not have fingerprint-reading support, and we’ll note that the publication has been pretty accurate when it comes to revealing details about unannounced Samsung devices.

However, Samsung was rumored a few times to consider adding fingerprint-related features to future handsets – something some of its rivals (including Apple) are already working on.

The Galaxy Note 3 will become official tomorrow, and Android Authority will be there to offer you a hands-on experience of the new flagship handset, at which point we’ll be able to tell you more about pre-loaded apps, storage and fingerprint scanners.