Lithium Card

Power banks are great for when you need to charge your mobile device on the move, but they’re often bulkier than your phone or tablet and require you to carry around a separate cable too. The Lithium Card from LinearFlux is a stylish, compact alternative that packs 1200mAh of juice and USB/micro-USB cables into a sleek, credit-card sized body that fits easily into your wallet. No extra brick to lug around, no cable to forget, nothing to worry about.

Just five credit cards thick and encased in billet aluminum, the Lithium Card is small and durable enough to take with you wherever you go. It features 2A HyperCharging technology to power up your device at up to 1% of battery per minute. You can also plug the included USB cable into a power source like a laptop or wall charge, to recharge the Lithium Card and your connected device simultaneously. And if you don’t want to carry it your wallet, the Lithium Card includes a NanoStik adhesive pad to stick on your device.

Good things do come in small packages, and we’ve got the amazing Lithium Card at the Android Authority Deals Store, at a special price of $39.99! Get it now at 27% off the standard price of $55, and take quick-charging battery backup to go.

Top features

  • HyperCharging capabilities. Up to 2 amps of charging power
  • All inclusive cable design, Flip out the USB charging and lightning cable
  • Simultaneous charging capabilities to charge the LithiumCard and your device if necessary
  • Comes with NanoStik pad to keep the charger stuck to your device if your wallet doesn’t work
  • 1200mAh of capacity
  • Ultra-thin credit card design

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