Just a few days ago we saw Samsung’s brand new Chromebook ultra-affordable models, the $249 Wi-Fi version and the $329 3G model. At that time we didn’t have any actual release dates for either model, but it looks like we now have good news for Chrome OS enthusiasts.

The $249 Samsung Chromebook can be pre-ordered via Google Play right now, SlashGear reports. Once ordered, the laptop should ship in 3-5 business days. As for the 3G version, well, it’s not available to order yet from Google Play, so you’ll just have to wait some more to get it.

But Google Play is not your only option, especially if you want to play with the new Chrome OS toy today.

According to one of our tipsters, at least one Best Buy store in Carmel, Indiana, is offering the new Wi-Fi Chromebook to interested customers right now. He was able to test the new Chromebook while a Google representative was demoing it to a Best Buy employee. But, again, only the Wi-Fi version is apparently available. As for the 3G version of the laptop, that Google rep said that it will be available to order only online for now.

Going to Best Buy‘s online store, you’ll be able to pre-order the new Samsung Chromebook Wi-Fi (which will ship in 6-10 business days), while the 3G version is unavailable. In-store pickup is listed as “coming soon,” so better check with your local Best Buy shop if you desperately want one today. You might get lucky too!

Thanks, tipster!