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2,400 pings in an hour? So, that's where I lost my bandwidth... [Infographic]

May 1, 2012

So, you think that your grandma who you only see once a year at Christmas is talkative?

Here’s a thing about the apps on your Android smartphones that you don’t know – they’re even chattier!  Did you know that there are some Android apps that ping the network up to 2,400 times in an hour? We didn’t, until we saw the Infographic made by Seven Networks. For all the talk about how smartphones are bandwidth-hungry, it might be hard to fathom how a simple ping from an app can cause network congestion and signal loss, but the data speaks for itself.

According to Seven Networks head of marketing Isabelle Dumont, most Android users are not even aware that the apps are sending those network signals. “Wireless signaling is a tricky topic because oftentimes it’s hidden, happening in the background without any user knowledge. But it’s growing bigger by the minute, as more users download more connected applications.”

She continued by saying that if the constant pinging of the network trend continues, it could ultimately lead to 25 trillion signaling events per hour.

Although the Infographic focuses on Android apps, Seven Networks said that the same issues can be found in apps on other platforms, such as iOS and Windows Phone, especially apps that “tend to be always-on, checking for content updates on a frequent basis, even if there is no content update to be delivered.”

But since there are more Android apps that rely on advertising to make money, more data and signaling traffic is generated by Android devices. Additionally, unlike Apple’s iOS, which exerts stricter control over what apps can run in the background, any Android app can run in the background and “take advantage of all services and APIs available on the operating system and the device.”

After checking out the Infographic above, you may not have to wonder anymore where all that battery juice and bandwidth seem to be going every day.