Sure, it’s last year’s Nexus phone, but it’s still an Android handset worthy of your attention especially considering that it should run the latest Android OS version. I’m referring to the Galaxy Nexus, now available for just $225 via Daily Steals. And the deal expires in just a few hours.

The only downside one could think of when looking at this particular offer is that Daily Steals is selling a 32GB Verizon Galaxy Nexus, which means Android updates won’t be available in a timely manner even though we’re looking at a pure Android-running phone made for Google.

In case you’re willing to disregard Verizon’s way of doing business when it comes to releasing Android updates, then you should definitely consider the offer. At $225, it’s the cheapest Nexus handset around – unless you buy a second hand one from a different source.

Not to mention that the other Nexus phone, the one you really want to buy, is out of stock in plenty of markets, and some buyers will only get theirs at some point in the coming weeks, maybe not even in time for Christmas.

The deal expires in just over five hours, so happy hunting!