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Deal: 3 steps to vastly increase your reading speed

This $19 award-winning speed reading bundle can train you to read more than three times faster.
April 26, 2019
The 2019 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle

Imagine if you could triple your reading speed. Think about it — you’d tear through this article in a few seconds, and short books in a matter of hours. 

Think how much more productive you’d be at work or college too. If you could fly through work documents or academic textbooks you’d free up so much time. It could be a game-changing skill.

The 2019 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle is a highly-rated learning kit which can make this a reality. It isn’t assistance for those who struggle to read, it can actually increase the reading speed of the average literate person by more than three times, with full comprehension

2019 Speed Reading Bundle

The Speed Reading Bundle:

7 Speed Reading EX 2019 — This learning kit employs various interactive exercises and training methods allowing you to learn to read faster and comprehend more. Like a fitness tracker, you’ll also be able to keep tabs on your reading speed as it increases. It’s a TopTenReviews Gold and Excellence Awards Winner.

Spreeder CX 2019 — This is a tool that facilitates your increased reading speed. You can simply upload an eBook, document, or whatever you want to read, and it will be displayed it in a way conducive to be read more quickly by reducing eye-movement. By combining this with your training you can absolutely fly through your reading list.

Vocab1 — This intuitive software complements your reading speed by doubling your vocabulary through fun and games.

Purchased separately, the three parts of the kit retail at over $650, but at AAPicks we only deal in deals. While the current offer lasts, you can pick up the whole bundle for just $19.

The deal ends this weekend, so grab it while it’s hot by hitting the button below.

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