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2012's most searched, discussed and tweeted gadgets: iPad 3, Galaxy S3, iPhone 5

If it’s one thing we all love about the end of a year – besides the holidays and the special sales – that’s definitely the “year in review” charts and rankings everybody’s so caught up with in December.
December 13, 2012

If it’s one thing we all love about the end of a year – besides the holidays and the special sales – that’s definitely the “year in review” charts and rankings everybody’s so caught up with in December.

Pretty much anyone has an opinion about the best gadget of the year, the worst smartphone, the most popular movie or the least popular music album, but if you want an objective perspective on all that you only need to go to Google, Facebook and Twitter.

All three have come out with their 2012 reviews these past couple of days, and, while they provide insight on a number of areas, from pop culture to sports, we’re only going to focus on technology and gadgets. Here goes.

Google Zeitgeist


Google’s Zeitgeist (meaning spirit of the age or spirit of the time) report is by far the most extensive, comprehensive, but also reliable look into people’s likes and dislikes. There’s nothing more important for a product than to be searched on Google – maybe just sales could top that – so here’s the global top ten of gadget searches:

1. iPad 3

2. Samsung Galaxy S3

3. iPad Mini

4. Nexus 7

5. Galaxy Note 2

6. Play Station

7. iPad 4

8. Microsoft Surface

9. Kindle Fire

10. Nokia Lumia 920

Meanwhile, if we narrow the searches to only the US, the top ten changes quite a bit:

1. iPad 3

2. iPad Mini

3. Samsung Galaxy S3

4. Kindle Fire

5. Nexus 7

6. Microsoft Surface

7. Galaxy Note 2

8. Samsung Galaxy S2

9. iPhone 5

10. Nokia Lumia 900

And if you’re only curious about what phones people have been looking for in the States, here’s the top 10:

1. iPhone 5

2. iPhone 4S

3. Samsung Galaxy S3

4. Galaxy Note

5. Galaxy Note 2

6. Blackberry Bold

7. Blackberry Curve

8. Nokia Lumia 900

9. Windows Phone 8

10. Motorola Droid Razr

Finally, here are the most searched mobile apps stateside:

1. Temple Run

2. Instagram

3. Logo Quiz

4. Draw Something

5. Socialcam

6. Angry Birds Space

7. Pinterest

8. Maps App

9. Amazon App

10. Facebook App

Before moving on to FB and Twitter, a few notes. First off, let’s be the bigger men and admit – Apple still has the upper hand on Android. However, it must sting Cupertino a bit to not see the iPhone 5 in the global top 10 and to only see it ranked ninth in the US top 10 gadgets.

You can’t say the iPad 4 has performed too great either, while in Android land there’s no major shocker – the Galaxy S3 is the absolute boss, followed by the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, GNote and GNote 2. Finally, as far as apps go, we’re a bit surprised to only see Angry Birds in fifth, while Instagram, we think, will not be very pleased with that second place (by the way, congrats Temple Run).

Facebook 2012 trends


Compared with Google, FB’s review of 2012 is much less thorough and only provides insight on the most discussed tech subjects in general. And these are:

1. Instagram

2. Timeline

3. Pinterest

4. Draw Something

5. iPhone 5

6. Kindle Fire


8. News Feed

9. Siri

10. SongPop

Now, that’s a pretty shocking top ten. No trace of the Galaxy S3 or the Nexus 7, but the Kindle Fire is sixth. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 is beaten to the punch by Pinterest or Draw Something and Siri comes in ninth (maybe FB users should look into Google Now some more). As for the number one, that’s no big surprise, though we still can’t understand how Instagram missed the gold in Google’s search results.

Twitter top trends of the year


Some say Twitter is dead, while others, like the Pope, are only now getting into tweets. No matter what you personally think, it should still be interesting to see their top 10 trends (also technology-related in general):

1. AT&T

2. iPhone

3. Instagram

4. Skype

5. Kindle

6. iPad

7. Pinterest

8. Draw Something

9. Amazon

10. Apple

Hmm, so Apple has three of these ten most tweeted topics, Amazon has two and Samsung not even one? Pretty bizarre. And Skype is number four? And AT&T the champion? Now that’s what I call a weird social network.

Over to you guys. What did you search for the most during this year? How about on Facebook and Twitter – what did you discuss and what did you tweet about? As for the charts above, if we were to make a rank based on all of them, who do you think would win and who would make the top ten?