It’s a good way to start the week on an upbeat note. And, what better way to do that than to recommend three of the freshest apps from the Android Market guaranteed to rouse you from your weekend lethargy. In this post, Android Authority presents two war games and a puzzle game. Two games to simulate physical ability, and a puzzle game to tickle your mental prowess. Great way to start the week, huh?

If you love to play war games, then you will probably love Navy Seal and Parashoot. If you love to play puzzle and mind-boggling games, then Shot Puzzle 2 will suit you well.

Navy Seal (Free)

Ever dreamed of fighting valorously for your flag over sea, air, and land? Then, you probably have unfulfilled wishes of becoming part of the special operation forces called the U.S. Navy SEALs. You can actually become one–virtually.

Navy Seal (Free) is a first-person shooting game where you have train to go on a mission to take capture or kill. What makes this game somewhat realistic is the availability of real-life scenarios, such as those on a street or in an airport terminal. The goal is simple: aim at the bad guys and shoot them without hitting the good guys or innocent civilians. You can choose from three game modes: campaign, survival, and time trial.

The free version of the game has limited stages, but you can purchase an upgrade within the app itself so that you can enjoy all the stages. Try the free version first before deciding to buy the full version.

Parashoot Lite (Free)

In this battle game, you need to defend your homeland from enemies that fall from the sky–paratroopers. Your mission is to use your directional cannon, aim at the paratroopers, and shoot down their parachutes. The paratroopers often drop bombs, so you need to watch out for them, as well.

Parashoot Lite is inspired by very popular arcade games in the 1980’s such as ParaTroopers and Sabotage. You may feel a certain nostalgic hum to this game, but this one’s definitely going to get you into fast and furious action.

The Lite version is free and game stages are limited. You need to buy the full version to play more game stages.

Shot Puzzle 2 (Free)

A puzzle is a puzzle precisely because you need to think of the right way to solve it. Shot Puzzle 2 looks like you’re just playing at the pool table, and more. Your aim in the game is to knock all the balls around you until only one is left. Take note that each game stage has only one solution, so you have to use more brain than brawn in this game. The game’s difficulty increases with each stage–and there are 450 stages for you to conquer. You can also choose from different game modes, as well as choose between a light or dark theme.

Source: Appolicious