1weatherThere are some places in the world where it is pretty much guaranteed to be either constantly hot or constantly cold. But for those of us in temperate areas, the weather is changeable and often the subject of small talk! The great thing about Android is that there are several good weather apps which deliver all the latest weather information right to your device!

One of these is 1Weather and the popular free app has just been updated with several new and interesting features. The app, which has over half a million installs, now fully supports tablets and sports a more refined user interface.

On a tablet the app looks great and it makes good use of the available space. The main screen displays the current weather for the chosen location along with the hourly forecast in the bottom section. Swiping the forecast moves it from hourly to a two day forecast with the days split into morning, noon, evening and night. A second swipe takes you to the extended six day forecast with each day showing a symbol to summarize the weather along with the expected temperature range.

Down the side are some icons which allow you to access the more detailed forecast, precipitation charts and the radar section. In the new version the radar section has been improved. The app also puts weather notifications in the notification bar and can be configured to alert you of severe weather warnings. For Android 4.2 Jelly Bean users there is also the ability to add a lock screen widget.

Have you tried 1Weather? What do you think of the new version, especially if you are using it on a tablet?

Gary Sims
Gary has been a tech writer for over a decade and specializes in open source systems. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems. He has many years of experience in system design and development as well as system administration, system security and networking protocols. He also knows several programming languages, as he was previously a software engineer for 10 years.