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14 sizzling new Android apps of the week (December 29 issue)

December 29, 2012

Christmas has passed but we’re still feeling the Christmas spirit. If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, now might be the time to do it. If you’re all done, however, you can sit back, relax, and join us for this week’s installment of 14 sizzling new Android apps.

We’ve scoured the Google Play Store to bring you apps for tracking the weather and your files stored in the cloud. Breathe some creativity or a bit of epic into your images and videos. Figure out what you want to do with your room makeover. You can even check out your horoscope or get in touch with your friends easily with a powerful T9 dialer. When it’s time to unwind, check out your articles on a clean and easy to read interface and browse your favorite forums without unnecessary clutter on your tablet

What are you waiting for? Bite into these sizzling apps while they’re still hot.

Weather Live

Planning to go out this holiday season? Plan your outing ahead by knowing the weather with Apalon’s Weather Live app. This is a simple weather app that tells you the weather prediction for the day and the following days. The app also allows you to customize the layout so you can choose what data to view in the app. The app also allows you to place a widget so you can check the weather directly from your homescreen. Know the weather ahead of time with Weather Live app for about a dollar from the Google Play Store.

Enjoy reading daily news and blog content with TwentyFive Squares’ Press (Google Reader) app. This is app lets you browse and read contents on a clean and simple interface. No ads and no extravagant animations are found here while you read blog articles or news. This app uses Google Reader to load your contents so you need a Google Account to use the app. Aside from a clean interface to read at, you can also easily navigate in the app by swiping. You can also change the font size, font type, and open the article on your Web browser. Enjoy reading blog articles and news with Press (Google Reader) app for US$1.99.

Are you a math wiz? Do you have upcoming competitive exams and placement papers? If you do, you can use Sindu Rajan’s Pocket Aptitude app to solve problems and sharpen your mind. This app contains about 300 quantitative aptitude questions that are frequently asked during competitive examinations and placement papers. The app contains quantitative questions about volume, speed, number series, probability, profit and loss, percentage, and a lot more that would surely test your mind. The app also features a sketch pad where you can write your solutions directly in the app. Test your mind and prepare for upcoming exams with Pocket Aptitude app for free.

Developed by Kii Dev, the Kii Keyboard is a third-party keyboard for your Android handset. The app is just like any ordinary Android keyboard. What makes this keyboard special is that it offers tons of customization options. This app has built-in themes and more customized themes from the Google Play Store. You can also change the keyboard layout and use a split keyboard on your Android phones and tablets. The app also allows you to change the font style, color, spacing of buttons, sizes, and many more. The Kii Keyboard app is currently in beta testing. This means that all features can be used and accessed. But, once the developer release the final version, some options will require premium access such as the premium themes and keyboard layout.

Developed by the Contacts Plus Team, Dialer + is a powerful T9 dialer that lets you enjoy groups, call log, text messaging, Facebook integration, and multilanguage support. Swipe left and right to easily access your messages, contacts, and your call logs. If have multiple Google accounts on your phone, Dialer + lets you choose which of your contact groups are shown in the app. Dialer + also autosyncs with pictures from Facebook and Google+, as well as remind you about birthdays. Dialer + is available for free from the Google Play Store. You will, however, need Contacts + on your Android device to be able to use this.

Have you ever wanted to be an action hero? Epic Movie FX, by Sufi Studios Mobi, lets you live your dream, even if it’s through an app. Choose from any of the classic epic movie scenarios, such as firing a missile from a bazooka, a helicopter crashing, or even a tornado passing by. Once you’ve chosen the movie effects that you like, record a short video of anything you want. The app will then apply the effect to your video to give your mundane everyday clip a burst of epic. Epic Movie FX is available for free from the Google Play Store but is ad-supported.

Browsing your favorite forums on your tablet can now be a clean and easy experience thanks to Tapatalk HD Beta by Quoord Systems Limited. Tap on a forum and see a picture preview of each thread. When looking through threads, posts will be stripped of unnecessary images so that you can just lean back and enjoy the text. When images are posted, however, you can view them as thumbnails or you can tap on them to enjoy them on your tablet screen. If you’re having a hard time reading, you can adjust the font size from Small, Normal, Large, to Very Large. You can also control how many posts you can see on a page.

Want to freshen up your living space or put together a new room but you’re running out of ideas? Houzz Interior Design Ideas by Houzz is here to save the day. Swipe through pictures of living spaces from all over the world to inspire your own room makeover. Tap on Info to learn more about the room you’re looking at, as well as more photos from the project the photo is part of, other images people also liked, and what people had to say about the photo. If you see a little green tag, tap on it. You’ll get to learn more about the item, such as who made it and how much it costs, as well as other details. You won’t need an account to access over 900,000 thousand images but you will need an account if you want to hold on to images by adding them to your Ideabook.

Having limited can not only hinder you from keeping mountains and mountains of photos and other files but also limit you to installing only a few apps. Although there are options you can run to, such as Dropbox or Box, having unlimited external storage like Bitcasa, Inc.’s Bitcasa, we can be rest assured that all our important files are somewhere safe. Wherever you may be, you can access your documents, photos, and even stream your music files using Bitcasa. This app’s edge over other cloud storage apps is that it has no storage cap. You can store as much as you want, as much as you can. You can also link this app to your device’s camera so every photo you take directly gets stored. Download Bitcasa today from the Google Play Store and don’t forget to get the Windows client for seamless sharing with your device.

Love tinkering with and enhancing your photos? If you have grown tired with the other photo apps, it’s time for you to give Aspiration Studio’s Photo Painter a shot. What’s different about this app, you say? Aspiring painters can use this app to help them visualize their next magnum opus. The app has nine awesome painting styles that you can apply on your photos to give them classy undertones — realism, impressionism, expressionism, and more. With 15 image filters and four different frames and textures, you’ll surely love turning your photos into works of art with this app. Photo Painter can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for less than two dollars. A great bargain for a great photo-enhancing app.

Contrary to the talks about the world ending today, Comitic’s Daily Horoscope Holiday Season is giving you a reason to look forward to the rest of the year and the next. People who are into horoscopes may want to try this free app out. Daily Horoscope Holiday Season doesn’t only give you today’s horoscope but also tells you your fortune in the coming year 2013 according to your Chinese Zodiac sign. The app is befitting the holidays as its icons are dressed up in Christmas balls. The app hosts no extra frills and unnecessary things for it is dedicated to giving you daily and yearly horoscopes. Be reminded that horoscopes are not meant to work you up; they are guides you can keep in mind but not influence your daily life.

Since it is the time for holiday cheer and parties, photos will surely be overflowing, from one celebration to another. Choosing photos to share is not an easy task, most especially when most of the photos you’ve taken are worth sharing. With Pavan Kumar Reddy. D’s Pic Frames, you can place two or more photos in one frame, instead of sharing them individually. Place your precious shots in amazing-looking frames and apply various photo effects as well. The app has a number of photo grids or frames that you can choose from, depending on the number of photos you want combined in one frame. You can also mix up to 50 photo effects in this app and maybe, you can discover a set of effects that you can use regularly. Pic Frames is a free app so download it from the Google Play Store.

Have Stopwatch Xtreme by Angle Labs in your Android device and you’ll never resort to using your device’s native stopwatch again. This app allows you to use your device’s volume buttons to start and stop the time, more like the real stopwatch we all see our gym teacher carry around. The app also keeps your device’s screen on while the stopwatch is running so you won’t scramble to turn the screen on when the official time is needed in a hotdog-eating contest. Stopwatch Xtreme can be yours for less than a dollar, plus, it comes free of ads if you get the pro version.

Who doesn’t get annoyed by ads? If you’re one who gets really ticked off at ads popping out of nowhere,’s AdFree Android is the app for you. Do take note though, this app will only work on rooted devices. So, if your device is still as pristine as the virgin beaches of Maldives, you might want to consider rooting your device before trying this app out. AdFree Android does one job and does it very well: block ads in both browsers and apps. The app works by nullifying requests to known host names in the system host files or in other words, the app does not allow requests made by apps to bombard you with ads. Enjoying apps and browsing the net minus the ads is not anymore a dream with AdFree Android.

These new Android apps will surely entertain you this holiday season. Which of these new apps have you tried? Which app did you find most useful? Let us know by voting for your favorite app and leaving a comment below.

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