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Deal: 12min Book Summary lets you read 3 books per day

12min Book Summary compresses top titles to 12-minute micro books. Right now you can save almost 90% on a subscription.
October 1, 2019

What if you could read three books per day? 12min Book Summary is an app that can make that very handy skill a near reality.

12min Book Summary takes a great book and boils it down to a 12-minute micro book. It contains a summary of the key concepts from the original and can be read as text or listened to as audio.

The format makes for some exciting possibilities. If you’re not good at getting through a book you can digest the main messages from it quickly, and you can do it all on your commute or while washing the dishes.

Increase your knowledge and learning capability.

Ok, it’s not quite as good as reading the entire book, but it’s way easier.

Reading three books per day can be very useful too. Not only can you tear through your reading list, but you can also get the key messages from self-improvement books to increase your knowledge and learning capability.

12min Book Summary:

  • Expand your knowledge despite a busy schedule.
  • Enjoy micro books from different topics.
  • Suggest new books to the 12min Book Summary team.
  • Access micro books in text or audio forms.
  • Read anywhere with or without an internet connection.

The lifetime subscription to 12min Book Summary is worth over $300, but you can get it much cheaper this week. Until Thursday, you can sign up through Tech Deals for just $39.

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