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1. Mozilla’s 2019 Internet Health report rings alarm bells

The foundation behind Firefox, Mozilla, has published 2019 Internet Health Report, its third annual. And it’s a biggie.

Mozilla report

What it is:

  • The report is a giant effort to bring focus to digital rights and how humanity and the internet intersect. It involves more than 200 experts.
  • The report concerns issues we often sense, that we understand may be happening, but don’t always stop and reflect on.

Why it matters:

  • The Health report tackles a range of pertinent issues, and at least one is sure to pull you in: responsible AI, privacy awareness, flourishing censorship, biometrics.
  • The report isn’t a temperature check on the health of the internet, but a call to action.
  • It urges people to “embrace the notion that we as humans can change how we make money, govern societies, and interact with one another online.”
  • The point is, if you have a moment, there’s definitely a chance to learn something about the swirling issues that come with being connected that we don’t always see.

Suggested reading:

  • If anything, Mozilla’s report is almost too ambitious, I didn’t know where to start or what to read first. The design is nice but it’s hard to work through.
  • So, to tackle that, below is a starter list of parts of the report that we touch on most here, and here’s a link to a full PDF if you just want the lot in a traditional document.
  • 23 reasons not to reveal your DNA,” was an instant read for me.
  • Of course, there’s “Your mobile apps are tracking you,” which DGiT Daily has touched on in the past – including the problems of GasBuddy, The Weather Channel, WeatherBug, theScore, and many more.
  • There’s a nice look at Deepfakes, which are here and now.
  • Another spotlight is on the ad economy, and the incredible overreach from data surveillance. Why? All to try and offer targeted ads that attempt to “know” us.
  • Another close to my heart is the complex power of cities and the rise of smart cities. Cities want to understand their citizens and needs, and often the easiest way is by tapping a commercial partner. But this may not serve the public good.
  • An open source alternative for ‘the cloud’” is saved for later.

2. Following up on yesterday, given the “Avengers: Endgame,” movie is three hours long, here’s the best times to take a bathroom pee break – forget it during the last hour, is the main message (CNET). PS. It opens tonight on 4,600 U.S. and Canadian screens — the most for any movie ever, and is currently rated 97% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

3. Oppo Reno global availability announced in three flavors, including 5G (AA). Yes, this means Oppo beat Huawei to offer 5G.

4. How Oppo fit a 10x zoom camera into its 5G phone (Engadget).

5. Verizon CEO confirms it will offer a Samsung Galaxy Note with 5G in 2019 (AA).

6. Samsung’s Galaxy View 2 is a 17-inch portable TV that happens to be a tablet (The Verge).

7. Facebook expects a $3-5 billion dollar fine from the FTC, but investors are cheering (Buzzfeed).

8. Tesla’s earnings were released, and it didn’t sell as many cars as expected. Lots more news broken down here (Twitter).

9. Mario Kart Tour closed beta sign-ups are now live, depending on where you live, and you’ll need an Android device (AA). (Coming to iOS and wide release in summer.)

10. Meanwhile, Microsoft is doing just fine, became the third trillion dollar company for a short period (TechCrunch).

11. Is Alexa listening? Amazon employees can access home address (Bloomberg).

12. “People with toddlers, what’s the most recent illogical breakdown they’ve had?” (r/askreddit).

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