Yesterday when we brought you news on Instagram’s newest version, we had no idea what was about to break open. At the time of this writing, Instagram has successfully repaired a serious privacy glitch with the service.

Instagram says the issue has been resolved, but in the wake of all this, it makes users wonder how serious they are about their privacy policy?

“[…]private users’ images, even when geotagged, are hidden from the public.”

Specifically, the new Photo Map feature allows approved followers to browse pictures by location. Unwarily, it was allowing Android users to view private photos without being approved. The bug meant only Android users could view, but all users using Photo Map were exposed. In iOS, unapproved users are not allowed to browse the Photo Map; the hitch is you have to adjust your privacy settings to ‘on’.

The rub is this: if you are a private user on any platform, we strongly suggest you check your privacy settings on both platforms. In addition, it would be wise to check the fix. If you get the “empty globe” and a request to try again, the problem is null and void.  Just be aware, this affected users on both apps, since photos from the iOS app can still be seen on an Android device.