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10 ways to learn to code

It's only a matter of time before the machines take over, so why not control them before they control us?
March 15, 2017

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Much of the political talk spiraling through the airwaves these days pins the blame for job-loss on globalization.

While it’s true that many jobs are funneling out to overseas workers, the real job killer that nobody is talking about is automation.

The rise of the machines is coming whether we like it or not. The two industries likely to be hit first are service (like baristas) and anybody who drives a car for a living (sorry Uber drivers).

Depending on which scientist or futurologist you ask, eventually even more “creative” jobs (like writing on the internet) will be mechanized.

However, all these robots are going still need human-made code for a long time (at least until the technological singularity hits and an unknowable superintelligent overlord arises from a tangle of wires and circuit boards to enslave and/or ascend the human race.)

Why not enjoy our remaining time as dominant entities on the planet by bending computers to your whim before they rise up and turn us into human batteries or help us transform into beings of pure energy?

Right now Tech Deals is offering a bundle of 10 online courses that looks perfect for anyone interested in learning how to code. You get the whole package for just $59.

The Complete Learn to Code Bundle currently holds a solid 5-star review with nearly 2,000 enrolled students. It’s 960 lessons spanning 10 courses.

These courses offer a wide variety of coding instruction, from cloud computing to website development to databases. Included as part of the bundle is the crowd-favorite Python Tutorial: Learn by Coding, a learning package that usually sells for $299 all by itself.

The Complete Learn to Code Bundle:

  1. AngularJS for the Real World $199
  2. Build Professional Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 $192
  3. Learn Web Development by Creating a Social Network $99
  4. PHP OOP and PDO with Projects for Beginners $40
  5. Python Tutorial: Learn by Coding $299
  6. Total Web Development Course $40
  7. The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course $35
  8. Learn by Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript $20
  9. Learn Cloud Computing from Scratch $20
  10. An Introduction to MySQL Database Development $99

If you’re interested in creating your own websites, apps, games, or systems, or if you’re just interested in facilitating the overthrow of humanity, this looks like a great opportunity. You can check out the whole $59 bundle right over here.

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