You’ve just acquired a Motorola Xoom or perhaps a Samsung Galaxy S II. The next step would be to decide which apps to install that will work well with your new device. To help you narrow down your choices, the following is a short list of what can be considered an optimum set for the on-the-go user.

The criteria are based on what can be most useful in terms of document creation and sharing, file management and sharing, Internet browsing, multimedia handling, and social media use. All ten apps are free to download or are offered with a free version.

1. Evernote


This app lets you note down practically anything so you wouldn’t have to forget or lose any piece of information. You can jot down ideas, make laundry lists, take photos, and even record audio reminders. However the real advantage is that you can organize, search, and sync all these notes across various devices, from the device you carry around all the time to the desktop in your home or office.

2. Skitch

If you need to scribble, annotate, or mark a photo or document quickly then this is the app to do it with. It lets you draw on your Android’s screen with your finger. It’s a suitable complement to Evernote because you can then save the file in that other application.

3. CamScanner

You will never need a scanner again with this app. Take a picture of the document with your gadget’s camera, do a little editing, and then turn the image into a PDF file. Take note that the free version will come with ads and the PDF output will be watermarked.

4. Astro File Manager

Naturally you’re also going to need an app that will let you navigate your file system just as easily as you would a PC or Mac. This app makes all the usual tasks like searching, viewing, and copying and pasting files of varied types and formats, a quick and convenient process.

5. SugarSync

There will be times where you might have to accomplish your work across several devices. In such cases you’re going to need quick and reliable file synchronization which is what this app provides. It’s especially helpful for capturing images because it automatically backs up photos in the cloud.

6. MX Video Player

You downloaded a video file and it happens to be in that uncommon format your standard media player couldn’t handle. This app solves this particular worry and hassle of file conversion by simply having the capacity to read a very broad range of video file formats.

7. Photoshop Express

It’s one of the biggest names in image editing software. This free and web-based version naturally doesn’t have the full features of the Creative Suite package but it’s useful enough for immediate and minor editing tasks such as cropping, resizing, color adjustments, and slapping on basic effects.

8. Opera Mobile

 This app is likely going to run much faster and smoother than your default browser. One of the reasons for its high usability is that it has all the functionality of a typical desktop browser but its UI and operation is geared for the specific capacities of mobile devices and their available type of Internet connectivity.

9. FriendCaster

There seems to be a scarcity of native Facebook apps for the Android tablet. Fortunately there are apps such as this one that can fill the void. Customer reviews even mention that it works better than the standard FB app for Android.

10. Plume

With a brand new Honeycomb and tablet interface, this app addresses the same scarcity issue for Twitter as FriendCaster does for Facebook. The main attraction of this Twitter client for the Android tablet is its sleek UI and the amount of customization you can do with it.